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Add Restaurant

If you’re a restaurant owner, manager or otherwise authorized to make such decisions, and you’d like to have your establishment added to the Lafayette Online Dining Guide, you can do so via the form at the bottom of this page.

There are two types of Restaurant Listings: Basic and Premium.

Option 1: Basic Listing

Restaurants located in the Greater Lafayette, Indiana area (Lafayette, West Lafayette, and elsewhere in Tippecanoe County) may submit their company information for inclusion in the Lafayette Online Dining Guide.

The basic listing includes the restaurant’s name, address and phone number.

It does not include a link to the restaurant’s web site, nor does it include a menu or coupons. It also does not include copies of all approved and rejected user submitted reviews and comments at the end of each month. If you’d like any of those features, you’d need to upgrade to a premium listing and review page.

Option 2: Premium Listing and Review Page

Premium listings and review pages are help your business stand out and give customers the opportunity to leave reviews and rate their dining experience.

  • Reviews are manually screened by Lafayette Online staff
  • Restaurant owners can receive a monthly report containing all submitted reviews (both approved and rejected).
  • Restaurants have an opportunity to respond to negative reviews in a public forum.

To ensure we’re getting honest feedback from legitimate customers, we screen all reviews and flag suspicious reviews for additional follow-up. If the reviewer fails to reply to our request for additional clarification or verification, the review is rejected and it’s never seen by the public. However, YOU do get to see the review because we’ll send you copies of all of the reviews (rejected and approved, good and bad) in a batch at the end of every month.


Now that we’ve gotten the fine print out of the way, would you still like to add a restaurant? Use the form below to let us know the name of the establishment and who we can contact for more information (name, title, email, phone… all that good stuff).