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LAFAYETTE, Ind. –– “Life Cycles”, an exhibition of watercolors by local resident Rena Brouwer, will be on display at the Lala Gallery & Studio in Downtown Lafayette from Sunday, November 14 through Saturday, December 6th. Brouwer is a self taught artist working in Lafayette capturing colors, shapes and lines from nature and laying them down to express the moods and feelings she has experienced through her Life Cycles.

Spring, a watercolor by Lafayette artist Rena Brouwer

Spring, a watercolor by Lafayette artist Rena Brouwer

“Life Cycles explores the question of what is real to me as an artist. The unique and subjective nature of the inner-eye gives clues to discovery of what I have experienced. As my visions expand, no painting is a final statement,” Brouwer said of her new works. “They are stepping stones in my continued quest for expression.”

An opening reception was held Friday, November 14 at Lala Gallery & Studio where Brouwer was present to discuss her work.

Brouwer will also give three holiday watercolor workshops at the gallery, open to all ages, on December 6. The workshops will be one hour in duration and offered at 10:00a, 12:00p and 3:00p. The workshops will be followed by a closing reception from 4:00-6:00p.

Lala Gallery & Studio is located on Main Street in Downtown Lafayette, across from the old Lafayette Theater. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10a-1p, 4:30-6p and Saturday 10a-4p. For additional information, call (765) 414-7962 or visit

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