Lady Gaga concert cancelled, mystery illness cited

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Lady Gaga cancelled her concert at Purdue University tonight due to a “sudden illness.” Those who purchased tickets were informed there would be no refunds given, but they could be used towards the January 26th rescheduled concert. Tickets will be honored for admittance to the rescheduled concert on January 26th. Todd Wetzel, director of Purdue Convocations, said that anyone unable to attend the rescheduled performance will be offered a refund at the point of purchase. The producers request that any potential returns be conducted prior to the Jan. 26 rescheduled concert date.

Lady Gaga Twitter screen capture

Gaga said on her twitter stream that paramedics advised her against taking the stage after determining she was dehydrated, suffering from exhaustion and had an irregular heartbeat.

The concert began at 7:20p and both of the opening acts, Jason DeRulo and Semi Precious Weapons, performed before the sold out crowd. At approximately 8:30p, the announcement was made that Gaga would not be coming on stage.

TMZ reports that Purdue EMTs were turned away after they went to Elliott Hall of Music to aid the singer. The report also says that representatives from the university say Gaga “simply boarded her tour bus and left campus.”

UPDATE (11:40pm):

A statement issued by Lady Gaga’s tour management confirms that Lady Gaga was unable to take the stage due to a sudden illness.

The statement also said, “Although she wanted to perform, she has been advised by medical personnel to postpone this evening’s performance though it pains her greatly to do so. She hopes that you, her fans, understand the situation she finds herself in and know that she fully intends to return to Purdue on January 26 to perform for you.”

More information and updates about the rescheduled January 26th concert will be available at

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2 Responses to “Lady Gaga concert cancelled, mystery illness cited”

  1. Cindy says:

    Well, I agree with you Shelly, but you must consider the people who drove long distances to see her. We drove 6 hours and spent money on a car rental and hotel room to go see her. So yeah, it really sucked when she canceled for me. And now I don’t know if I will get to come back because I have to work the day it is rescheduled!

  2. Shelley says:

    First off, take it easy and stop complaining. If she is sick she is sick, she is coming back on the 26th and you will she her then. Be happy you were one of the lucky people to even get tickets. Health issues are important, especially if something was seriously wrong.


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