Lady Gaga Purdue show rescheduled for January 26

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — After cancelling Lady Gaga’s performance at Purdue University’s Elliott Hall of Music shortly before she was set to take the stage, Gaga’s tour management company announced a rescheduled date for the Monster Ball Tour concert and assured fans that their tickets would be honored.

Todd Wetzel, director of Purdue Convocations, said that anyone unable to attend the rescheduled performance will be offered a refund at the point of purchase. The producers request that any potential returns be conducted prior to the Jan. 26 rescheduled concert date.

Disappointed concert goers are still speculating about cause of the cancellation. Officially, the statement released by her management company said:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are very sorry to announce that Lady Gaga will not be able to take the stage this evening due to sudden illness.

Although she wanted to perform, she has been advised by medical personnel to postpone this evening’s performance though it pains her greatly to do so.

She hopes that you, her fans, understand the situation she finds herself in and know that she fully intends to return to Purdue on January 26 to perform for you.

Please retain your tickets, which will be required and honored for admittance for the rescheduled performance.

Thank you for your understanding.

In her official Twitter stream, Gaga explained that she was heartbroken and “begged everyone to let [her] go onstage” but that she was advised against performing because the “stage has complicated mechanical elements, everyone was concerned [she]’d be in danger during the 2hr show”.

gaga twitter explanation

Gaga's official Twitter explanation of Thursday nights events. (Click to enlarge)

Many fans expressed concern for Gaga’s health and well being, wishing her the best, while other were less sympathetic to her plight and believed the decision to cancel might have been influenced by her scheduled appearance on Oprah on Friday morning.

A fan (who asked to remain nameless) said, “I guess if I had to choose between performing in nowhere Indiana and then performing poorly on Oprah or skipping Indiana and kicking ass on Oprah, I’d have to vote for kicking ass on Oprah. I’ll just be really disappointed if it turns out that’s what happened.”

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5 Responses to “Lady Gaga Purdue show rescheduled for January 26”

  1. carly says:

    if anyone cannot attend the 26th i will ben more than willing to buy your tickets

  2. admin says:

    According to our sources (and echoed in a number of newspaper articles and blog posts elsewhere), Lady Gaga did not record her performance at Harpo Studios last week, while she was in the city for the Chicago concert dates.

    Gaga had a scheduled rehearsal at Harpo from 6:30a-8:30a (CST) today, January 15, 2010. Following the rehearsal, she taped her performance and interview with Oprah.

  3. jill says:

    ok whoever that retarded “nameless fan” was that was talking about her performing on the oprah show, that was already taped LAST week when she was in chicago performing for her tour…do you really think those shows are live?!?! yes, it is aired today but is a week that had NOTHING to do the with the decision. i was at one of the chicago performances last week and it is true that there are many “complicated mechanical elements” that would not be safe for her to attempt if she was not in top condition.

    that quote should not have even been put into the article. the Lafayette Online News should really check their sources before they put it in print. just saying.

  4. Juan Cortez says:

    Why dont you get someone that was at Brothers bar at 5 before the show to say somethin. Gaga was there

  5. Chuckjones says:

    I was at the show. All of her 18 wheelers and buses were there; the stage was set up. It was a huge production. I heard her doing the sound check around 4:30 PM while I was waiting for a ticket holder reception. It certainly look like a go, right up through the opening acts. There’s no way that she’d postpone the show if she didn’t need to. It’s a very expensive tour, and driving 900 miles west after the NYC “finale” to do another finale in Indiana just doesn’t make sense. I credit her for rescheduling. It will surely cost her much money as well as cramp an already tight schedule that includes doing a new video around the time of the new Purdue show.


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