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PRF DataStation provides secure, expanded network of IT services

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue Research Foundation officials announced Tuesday (May 20) a high-security “PRF DataStation” that will provide the necessary network of information technology needs for new and growing companies.

Eric George, Data Engineer
Eric George, systems analyst for the Purdue Research Foundation, reviews PRF DataStation at the Purdue Research Park. George helped develop a new information technology system that provides an energy-efficient, high-security facility for network equipment. The system is available through the Purdue Research Foundation. (Photo provided by the Purdue Research Foundation)

The energy-efficient center is a network carrier in a single location that provides fiber-optic connections where clients can lease cabinets or space within cabinets to house their network servers and other information technology equipment.

“The PRF DataStation was developed to support the Purdue Research Park’s technology-based companies,” said Joseph B. Hornett, senior vice president, treasurer and COO of the Purdue Research Foundation, which manages the Purdue Research Park. “The security the network offers and its ability to grow with an organization are critical benefits for park companies and for other clients interested in using the service.”

Serving as a central point for fiber connections, the PRF DataStation features back-up power and cooling as well as access to low-cost, high-availability Internet bandwidth connections.

“The location of the DataStation provides flexibility to increase or downsize the technology requirements as a business grows or slows down without having to make repeated capital investments,” said Mary Claire Cartwright, Purdue Research Foundation director of information services.

The high-availability infrastructure DataStation provides:

  • Security with 24-hour video surveillance, storm protection for data systems, access control to the cabinet level and a fire suppression system to protect stored data.
  • Back-up power through a generator for an uninterruptible power supply.
  • Cooling system with temperature and humidity controls.
  • Network with dual fiber feeds to the facility and access to multiple Internet providers.
  • Twenty-four hour monitoring of power, environmental controls, physical access and network status.
  • Infrastructure applications with communication and call center features, storage systems and desktop support.

“The data center also provides assurance for high capacity so Web traffic doesn’t slow down during peak Internet usage times,” said Eric George, Purdue Research Foundation systems analyst. “We’re also using a carrier-neutral approach, which means we will use the most competitive pricing and services for our clients.”

Additional services available include inter/intra transport; Internet traffic and Web site hosting services; firewall protection; content, SPAM, virus, spyware filtering; remote console access; network monitoring; and backup and disaster recovery services.

“The construction of the system follows a “green” model by operating in the most efficient manner possible,” George said. “The system uses only the resources it needs, such as power and water, and minimizes byproducts such as excess heat.”

Companies located in other Indiana cities, especially those in northeast Indiana, southeast Indiana and Indianapolis, where the research park has or is developing business incubators, can use the DataStation virtualized applications, managed services and off-site data storage capabilities.
For pricing or other information, contact Eric George at (765) 494-6233, , or visit the Web site at

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