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MJV Group becomes Green Seal GS-42 certified

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Lafayette based MJV Group, Inc. has been awarded certification under GS-42, Green Seal, Inc.’s environmental standard for green cleaning services that help protect human health and the environment. After a stringent application process and an on-site audit, MJV Group, Inc. is the only Indiana based commercial janitorial service licensed to provide a Green Seal-certified service to their customers.

The GS-42 standard establishes requirements for both in-house and contract cleaning services. Green cleaning encompasses all indoor activities typically required to clean commercial, public, and industrial buildings.

“Certification under GS-42 demonstrates our utilization of products and equipment that have less impact on the environment, and that we embrace processes and procedures that help protect the health of our team members as well as the building occupants,” said James Heck, President of MJV Group, Inc.

Heck added, “Green Cleaning — high performance healthy cleaning that helps protect health and the environment — is in high demand. Many contractors are claiming to offer ‘green’ service. Now, with GS-42 Green Seal certification, building and facility managers can be assured that they are hiring a service that is truly green in every key aspect of its operation.”

MJJ Group, Inc. is a professional building service contractor based in Lafayette, Indiana since 1992, and focuses on providing high performance, healthy cleaning services that protect people and the environment from toxic chemicals, noxious fumes and wasted resources.

MJV offers the Healthy Solutions Green Seal-certified janitorial service 24 hours a day and has more than 400 team members in more than 300 facilities. They are the first building service contractor in the state of Indiana to receive the GS-42 certification.

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