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WBAA meets spring fundraising goal in record time

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — WBAA Public Radio from Purdue exceeded its $150,000 spring pledge drive goal less than one week following the one-day on-air drive. The semi-annual spring and fall pledge drives provide funding for programs on WBAA AM 920 and 101.3 FM.

“Historically, donations continue to come in over the weeks following the on-air campaign, and it takes weeks for us to reach the goal,” said development director Sally Lutes. “We think this is a testament of our community’s support for public radio. Our listeners really value the programs we air.”

One listener commented, “The comprehensive nature of the news reporting, the quick wit of the comedy programs, the high quality of the classical performances cannot be reproduced anywhere except on an NPR station like WBAA. Thanks for being there for me!”

And while many other donors commented that they wanted to support the station in light of funding concerns, many had other reasons as well.

“One couple who donated earlier in the year said they continued to receive wedding gifts and wanted to share with us,” Lutes said. “Another member gave in memory of her brother, who was an avid WBAA listener.”

WBAA support comes from local communities, but the station also receives support from listeners in other areas as well.

“This spring we received a donation from a listener who streams the station in Minneapolis,” Lutes said. “He’s a Purdue graduate and said he streams AM 920 while at work as a way to stay in contact with what’s going on in West Lafayette.”

Even though the pledge drive has ended, fundraising for WBAA is an ongoing effort. Listeners can contribute anytime at or by calling 765-494-5920.

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