Project Safe Neighborhood launches Tippecanoe County Rental Property Owners and Managers Training Program

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (Lafayette Online) — Pat Harrington, Tippecanoe County Prosecutor, and Kathryn Redd, PSN Gang Initiative Coordinator will host speakers and special guests from federal, and local law enforcement agencies, state and local government, and national and local agencies as they formally announce the Tippecanoe County Rental Property Owners and Managers Training Program to the public at Thomas Duncan Hall this week.

Project Safe Neighborhood initiatives are built upon forming strong partnerships in the community between law enforcement agencies, governmental entities, community organizations, neighborhood associations, and citizens. It is the power that the coalition has when acting together that is most disruptive to crime and criminal activity.

Project Safe Neighborhood Initiatives have five core components that are critical to success: Partnerships, Strategic Planning, Training, Outreach, and Accountability.

The announcement will be Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 5:00pm, Thomas Duncan Hall, 610 Ferry Street, Lafayette (765) 742-4788.

Key speakers will be available to the public and press following the event. The public is encouraged to attend.

Scheduled Speakers:

  • David Capp, U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Indiana
  • Susan Aguilar , Chief Executive Officer, WeTip
  • Ron Alting, State Senator
  • Sheila Klinker, State Representative
  • Patrick K. Harrington, Tippecanoe County Prosecutor
  • Tony Roswarski, Mayor, City of Lafayette
  • John Dennis, Mayor, City of West Lafayette
  • David Payne, Acting Chief, Lafayette Police Department
  • Jason Dombkowski, Chief, West Lafayette Police Department
  • Tracy Brown, Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department
  • Kathryn J. Redd, Project Safe Neighborhood/Gang Initiative Coordinator, Tippecanoe County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Russell Conard, Student, Harrison High School

Special Guests

  • James R. Mesterharm, U.S. Attorneys Office, Northern District of Indiana
  • Ryan Holmes, U.S. Attorneys Office, Northern District of Indiana
  • Sue Mandell, Director of Marketing, WeTip

Key Community Guests

  • Edie Peirce-Thomas, Executive Director, Lafayette Housing Authority
  • Sergeant Troy W. Harris, Criminal Investigation Division, City of West Lafayette Police Department
  • Brain C. Gossard, Officer, Street Crimes Unit, Lafayette Police Department

Selected Special Guest Attendees

  • Dr. Rocky D. Killion, Superintendent, West Lafayette Community School Corporation Superintendent
  • Dr. Edward Eiler, Superintendent, Lafayette School Corporation Superintendent
  • Brett J. Gruetmacher Principal, Tecumseh Junior High School
  • Jane Boswell, Neighborhood Association Leadership, 9th Street Hill
  • Kathy Gueff, Store Manager, Village Pantry

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