World War II veterans reuniting this weekend at Purdue

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — A tour of the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and the Armstrong Hall of Engineering will be part of what has become an annual event for World War II veterans of the U.S. Army’s 250th Field Artillery Battalion.

Seven veterans who served under Gen. George Patton and were attached to one of the first units to liberate prisoners of war at Dachau concentration camp in Germany will be meeting for a reunion this weekend in the Lafayette area. It will mark the first time the annual reunion has been held north of the Mason-Dixon Line. The reunion will be the 26th for the battalion since it first held a reunion in 1964.

At the request of one battalion member, retired veterinarian Dr. Bob Weaver, veterans and their spouses will tour the School of Veterinary Medicine. Purdue’s George Moore, a retired Army veterinarian, will lead the tour.

“I’m honored to be asked to lead a tour for veterans from all over the country who were part of what Tom Brokaw described as ‘’the greatest generation,'” Moore said.

Ruby Gwin of Linden, Ind., whose husband Carl served as a medic in the battalion, has authored a book about its men, “The 250th Field Artillery Men Remember World War II.” The book will be published later this year. The Gwins’ son Wil is a pharmacist in the school’s teaching hospitals.

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