PEFCU opens branch at Harrison High School

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. –- Purdue Employees Federal Credit Union (PEFCU) and William Henry Harrison High School will open Greater Lafayette’s second in-school financial institution on September 23. PEFCU opened the area’s first in-school financial institution in January 2005 at Lafayette Jefferson High School.

“We are pleased to have this partnership with PEFCU,” said Doug Lesley, Harrison High School principal. “We believe it creates numerous educational opportunities for students and also provides beneficial financial services to Tippecanoe School Corporation employees.”

The 208-square-foot branch named Harrison’s PEFCU @ School will be operated by two high-school-student tellers and a PEFCU supervisor. Supervisor Sara Gretencord will oversee and evaluate the work of Melissa Blosser and Shane Hamilton, who were trained and worked at the PEFCU Financial Mall during the summer. Student tellers are expected to meet the same qualifications as other PEFCU employees. They must also be enrolled in the twelfth-grade Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education (ICE) course at Harrison High School. Students are selected as tellers after submitting an application and being interviewed. They receive compensation as well as ICE course credits for their work.

In addition to the hands-on learning experience for student tellers, other students will gain money management skills by opening checking and savings accounts, making transactions at the branch, and learning from the financial literacy curriculum provided by PEFCU and Harrison staff through ICE and other career- and business-related courses. The branch will be open Monday through Friday during lunch periods from 10:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. to serve students, faculty and staff.

“PEFCU has provided Harrison High School with financial education for two years and this in-school branch solidifies our commitment to the financial health of Greater Lafayette’s youth,” said Carolyn Barrett, PEFCU financial literacy coordinator. “By teaching and helping teenagers develop healthy financial habits now, we are preparing them for a bright future.”

About Harrison High School

William Henry Harrison High School is part of Tippecanoe School Corporation and has been in existence since 1971. It has approximately 1,685 students in grades 9 through 12. Harrison’s Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education (ICE) combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training related to students’ career objectives.

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