Keeping car in top shape save at the pump, improves fuel efficiency

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. — After several weeks of gas prices slowly coming down from record highs, consumers are seeing the trend reverse as pump prices begin inching back over the $4.00 per gallon mark. Because high fuel costs are likely here to stay, Pep Boys is offering “Fuel Efficiency 101” tips to help motorists conserve energy and save money. Efficient engines burn less fuel compared to engines running in less than optimal conditions.

Following these quick and easy steps will help keep vehicles in top shape and performing at peak efficiency.

1. Check tire pressure regularly. Under inflation or over inflation of tires can lead to decreased fuel mileage. Correct air pressure is also required to assure dependable handling, consistent traction and tire life.

Remember that seasonal temperatures change the air pressure in tires. Cold winter weather will cause the air pressure to drop. Warm summer temperatures will cause the air pressure to increase. Rule of thumb is a swing in temperature by 10 degrees will cause a 1 lb. change in a tires air pressure.

Keep a tire gauge in the glove compartment of the vehicle and check the tire pressure regularly. Consult the owner’s manual to determine the correct tire pressure for your vehicle.

2. Check air filters and replace when dirty. Internal combustion engines need air to run – the better the air flow, the more efficient the engine. Dirty air filters cause engines to run at less than peak efficiency which increases fuel consumption.

3. Be sure to use the correct type of motor oil: Using the correct oil weight is important. Higher viscosity oils have greater resistance to the moving parts of the engine and therefore use more gas.

Check the vehicle owner’s manual for the correct oil weight. The oil weight is the first number (with the W next to it) on the bottle of motor oil (e.g. 5W-30). The higher the number, the more viscous the oil, so 5W-30 is less thick and has less resistance to the moving parts of the engine than 10W-30.

Engines operating at peak performance have more power, burn less fuel and leave a smaller carbon footprint than improperly or poorly performing engines. For more tips to keep cars running in top shape, visit Pep Boys Car Care Corner online at

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