Indiana Energy Star Credit has reached its cap

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Indiana Department of Revenue announced today that as of March 1, 2011, claims toward the Energy Star Heating & Cooling Equipment Credit had reached Indiana’s $1 million limit, which the legislature assigned to cover claims toward this credit. Any claims received after the cap was reached will be denied.

A denial of the claim will result in a manual adjustment to the taxpayer’s return. This could cause a slight delay in processing those returns. Those taxpayers’ whose claims have been denied will be notified in writing from the state revenue agency.

Tax year 2010 was the last year to claim the Energy Star Heating & Cooling Equipment Credit.

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  1. John Kudelka says:

    The part this story does not address is that the state acutally charges late charges and penalties for the time in which the energy credit is denied. This was charged on my first bill from them notifying me of this. Imagine all the late charges they will be able to collect from folks that simply filed for the energy credit. What a scam..


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