Rokita comments on Senate passage of 2 week continuing resolution

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) yesterday voted for H.J.Res 44, which will keep the federal government running until March 18, 2011. The bill is a two-week continuing resolution (CR) that cuts $4 billion from the federal budget, a pro-rated version of the full CR House Republicans offered previously. It passed in the House yesterday by 335-91 and passed the Senate today by 91-9.

Rokita released the following statement:

“I came to Washington to stop the spending and redirect our nation back to prosperity. Senate Democrats refused to pass the common sense, necessary reforms offered in the full continuing resolution offered by House Republicans, so we pushed to pass those reforms incrementally this week. Today’s success is a very small step toward real reform, a balanced budget and a healthy economy.”

The full CR offered by Republicans two weeks ago would have cut $100 billion from the President’s budget request and funded the government for seven months until the next formal budget would take over, once passed.

The federal government has been funded by a long-term series of continuing resolutions since the Democrats failed to pass a budget last year. The most recent CR was scheduled to expire this Friday (March 4, 2011).

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