Proposal banning Spice, Salvia in Indiana could soon be law

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A statewide ban on products like “Spice” and the herb salvia divinorum is closer to becoming law after today’s 93-0 vote in the Indiana House of Representatives in support of a proposal authored by State Sen. Ron Alting (R-Lafayette).

Man smoking salviaSenate Bill 57 adds various chemical compounds used in synthetic cannabinoids like ‘Spice’ to the state’s controlled substances list. An amendment to Alting’s bill places the herb salvia divinorum – a powerful, hallucinogenic plant – on the list as well. If enacted into the law, the same penalties for producing, delivering, dealing or possessing marijuana will be established for synthetic cannabinoids and salvia.

This bill now moves back to the Senate where House amendments will be considered.

“Indiana is one step closer to better regulating these dangerous drugs containing ingredients that have never been scientifically or medically tested on humans,” Alting said. “Soon, drug dealers that intentionally mislabel ‘Spice’ and salvia products to skirt federal regulations and stay ahead of local ordinances will be stopped. For the sake of our children, family members and friends, these dangerous drugs will no longer be tolerated.”

“Spice” and other products like “K2,” “Voodoo Magic” and “Mr. Smiley” are blends of herbs and man-made chemicals. When smoked and inhaled, they mimic the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in marijuana.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, intoxication from THC can cause distorted perceptions, impaired coordination, difficulty in thinking and trouble with learning and memory functions.

Salvia divinorum and products made from the herb, like “Sally D.”, “Magic Mint” and “Diviner’s Sage,” provide quick highs comparable to LSD.

Officials from the DEA list several chemical compounds in synthetic cannabinoids and salvia as “drugs and chemicals of concern” and have been considering whether to make them controlled substances for more than five years.

Current state law bans “analog drugs” that are designed to have similar effects as illegal drugs, but a loophole exempts drugs labeled “not for human consumption” – often used on brands like “Spice” and salvia products that are sold as herbal incense.

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6 Responses to “Proposal banning Spice, Salvia in Indiana could soon be law”

  1. L. Mason-Womack says:

    No that I agree with the use of these chemicals however I don’t agree with those who make laws being allowed to be exempt from their drinking and driving. Those in our government and law enforcement are not accountable unless the situation is so earth shattering that it can’t be hidden from the public…the police officer who killed one and seriously injured another with multiple witnesses…As an American I am so disappointed in our government-IN State, Local and Federal Government agencies alike. These people/agencies are making decisions that affect millions and KNOW NOTHING or care NOTHING about how their great ideas affect their lives. Frankly, it would prove beneficial for future laws if these individuals and their family’s were required to live by/or be an actual recipient of their own great ideas for a period of one full year! Our government and our (sadly) elected officials are pathetic for the most part! Concern for the people they represent is beyond lacking-it isn’t there period. As usual the laws passed are all bout the money-not the protection of people. So have another drink and get behind the wheel Mr. Senator’s, Congressmen, Policemen, Governor’s–whom ever you might be. It is obvious you are above the law! Ck out the IRS, Federal Banking, Medicare..on and on!

  2. Tiberius says:

    While the natural entheogen salvia divinorum posed little real danger to young Hoosiers previously, that certainly won’t be so from this point forward. Thanks to Suzanne Crouch, possession can now get them a sentence of 6 to 20 years. Indiana parents should all breathe a sigh of relief.

    By the way, how does banning yet another plant and imprisoning responsible adults who might chose to utilize it in the privacy of their own homes sit with the alleged republican advocacy of small, non-intrusive government and constitutionally based law, Ms. Crouch?

    Isn’t locking up cannibis users at the taxpayers’ expense enough for you?

  3. JM says:

    This is pathetic…I can’t believe that salvia is really going to be illegal. It’s not even remotely dangerous as long as you know what you’re doing and there is NO legit reason to make it illegal to adults. Making it illegal will only increase the use anyway (forbidden fruit effect).

    and like bruno said, it’s sad that it’s being compared to those horrid things.

  4. Mitch Is A ,,He has took pay offs,He Is only playing poultices, I Have seen this all threw him coming to Indiana to be governor .
    He is Right wing at times but only if it get him ahead of the race
    He is a politician. Think Folks , He is in the big money racket ,
    He wants power . Please ,God and I DO not want Mitch FOR the next President of our Great United States,,,,Please All This Is A WARNING!

  5. The Government, Indiana is trying to take away Are Rights. Jail Us Lock us up…Mitch Danial is going to run against Obama ,,,this is only why Indiana will be the first state in the union to criminalize synthetic cannabaniods , Mitch will run for United States President,
    Please don’t let this 2 face lair win..
    I lived in indiana all my life mitch only came here to run indiana he is not from here, Bush Indorced Daniels to be governer here i think its a ploy for the aliens to win the presidency Of OUR Great UNITED States ,I am Brent born and raise in INDIANA,,,
    MITCH DANIELS IS A F**K JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DO No Vote Mitch for President Or usa will fail…….Brent

  6. Bruno24 says:

    It is sad to put Salvia divinorum in the same basket than those hazardous chemical imitations of cannabis.
    Salvia divinorum is actually a powerful medication for many illness, including especially drug addiction and even habituation. The experience with Salvia is, no doubt, quite impressive, but, as thousand of YouTube videos illustrates, it is not dangerous, even when done in the less recommendable way. Accident are always possible, but this happens with sobriety too. It is just a dangerous misinformation to compare salvia with real toxic and addictive products. Most people just dislike it. Please, regulate it, so that it is not available to kids in too highly concentrated forms, but if you ban it, it will become widely available on the streets, and the kids will be the target of the dealers, and the quality of it will be uncontrollable.


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