Links and Listings Policy

We love it when sites and blogs link to us, and we really appreciate it! In fact, if you’ve linked to us, drop us a note with the URL the link appears on and we might link back to you to say thanks, and you’ll probably make it onto our Christmas Card list! Besides, we like to hear from users who find Lafayette Online useful enough to recommend us to others.

Here is some example code for linking to Lafayette Online:

<a href="">Lafayette Online</a>

Unlike some other sites (who shall remain nameless), we don’t mind if you deep link into Lafayette Online. If you find a page you’d like to link to… link to it! No other fine print or terms required.

  1. The site requesting the listing or link must be an organization or group that is located in the Greater Tippecanoe County area.
  2. Lafayette Online’s editors MUST feel that the information on your site is relevant and useful for our readers or provides services to Greater Lafayette community that our readers might want to know about.
  3. If we include your site on Lafayette Online, please provide a return link back to Lafayette Online. It’s really only fair. Use the following code for the reciprocal link:
    <a href="">Lafayette Online</a>

All of the above requirements must be met for inclusion on Lafayette Online.
Lafayette Online reserves the right to remove links for failure to comply with this policy.
Lafayette Online reserves the right to determine the selection criteria for inclusion on the site, and the right to change the selection criteria at anytime without notice.

  • Not every site who asked to be listed actually gets listed on Lafayette Online. We strive to maintain quality information for our repeat visitors, not a hodge-podge of every web site that asks to swap links.
  • Maintenance visits to check links to other sites from Lafayette Online will be made on a regular basis. Lafayette Online reserves the right to remove links to sites that no longer fulfill the requirements to be listed, or cannot be successfully accessed. URLs that return a “404 Not Found” error message will be removed immediately.
  • Commercial Sites are not eligible for complimentary links or link exchanges. Advertising may be purchased for a small annual fee. Please view our ad schedule for more information. Only organizations and businesses with Not-For-Profit status will be considered for complimentary links.
  • Restaurants and Hotels for whom Lafayette Online can provide online reservations may receive a free listing. Free listings do not include links. If you qualify for a free basic listing, but want a link too, you’ll need to upgrade to a standard listing.

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