Purdue, Greater Lafayette traffic disruptions, construction projects

Here is a list of current projects that may affect vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the West Lafayette campus.

Campus Disruptions

  1. The Windsor Hall Remodel Project has begun. Access to the service dock areas of Duhme, Shealy, and Wood Halls is limited. The project completion date is July, 2008.
  2. The Wiley Hall Dining Court project is ongoing (south of Wiley Hall on Martin Jischke Drive).
  3. The High Voltage Project is affecting several areas of campus. For updated info and maps visit: http://www.purdue.edu/physicalfacilities/HVP
    Vault upgrades are taking place at the following locations:

    1. Michael Golden Engineering Laboratories and Shops
    2. Stewart Center
  4. The Replacement Student Housing Project, located at the corner of MacArthur Drive and First Street, is in progress. The project is expected to be completed in July, 2009.
    1. The installation of a new water main under the sidewalk on the south side of First Street from the entrance of the Fowler House parking lot to the east side of McArthur Drive has begun. Use caution in the area.
    2. First Street, from McArthur Drive to the west entrance of the parking lot at Fowler House is closed for utility work.
  5. Construction of the Wayne T. and Mary T. Hockmeyer Hall of Structural Biology has begun. The two-year project will have construction traffic entering onto Harrison Street between South Russell Street and Martin Jischke Drive.
  6. Construction of the Purdue Village Community Center and the Patty Jischke Early Care and Education Center is under way. The sites are on the north side of Nimitz Drive, east of Squirrel Park. Construction traffic exits and enters from Airport Road onto Nimitz Drive.
  7. A University-wide water and chilled water valve replacement project is under way. The locations are widespread on campus. Beware of equipment and fencing.
  8. Discovery Park Site Development Phase 6 is under way. The project includes work around Mann Hall, Bindley Bioscience Center, and Burton Morgan Center. Please use caution in this area.
  9. Renovations at Young Hall are underway. A construction freight elevator will be installed on the West side of the building. Several parking spaces are unavailable. Please use caution in the area.
  10. The Office of the University Architect, in cooperation with Purdue University Police Department, has posted a temporary stop sign at the intersection of N. University Drive and Tower Drive near Mackey Arena. The temporary stop sign is for drivers going north on North University and will serve to safely assist pedestrians crossing at that intersection.
  11. Large trucks and high voltage cable reels will be positioned on the sidewalks along Harrison Street near Lynn Hall all next week for an electrical project (February 11-15). This area will be fenced as the contractor completes the work. In addition, a couple of parking spaces will be blocked at the manholes so the contractor may get his equipment in and out of the manholes.

Off Campus Disruptions

  1. Construction is underway on SR 26 E, east of I-65. The four lane section, from the I-65 northbound exit ramps east to the Meijer entrance, is restricted to one lane in each direction. There are traffic switches at various times during the construction, as new pavement is opened to traffic, and old lanes removed. Please use caution in the area.
  2. An added travel lanes project is in progress on SR 43 N, from I-65 to approximately 2 miles north of the interstate.
  3. The City of West Lafayette is constructing Phase 2 of the Western Interceptor sewer project. Construction will be ongoing until fall 2008. Use caution at the project’s three access points:
    1. Cherry Lane at McCormick Road.
    2. State Street (SR26) just west of Horticulture Park.
    3. Along Airport Road just north of the railroad.
  4. For information on road disruptions in Lafayette, please visit: http://www.lafayette.in.gov/Content/global/File/engineering/roadclose.pdf

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