CityBus rides free and easy with Purdue ID

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Owning a Purdue ID card means a free ride on CityBus — good news for many Purdue students, faculty and staff members who want to save the costs of driving to and parking at the West Lafayette campus.

Purdue ID cards equal free rides anywhere CityBus goes in Lafayette-West Lafayette.

Purdue ID cards equal free rides anywhere CityBus goes in Lafayette-West Lafayette.

CityBus and Purdue have a contracted partnership in which Purdue students, faculty and staff have unlimited, fare-free access to the CityBus system. The access is not just on campus routes but on any CityBus route.

Ridership, which has increased steadily over the past several years, is increasing more rapidly this year thanks to higher prices for gas and many other goods and services.

“Ridership was up nearly 17 percent for the month of June and is up more than 9 percent so far for 2008,” says John Metzinger, manager of development for CityBus of Greater Lafayette. Metzinger says CityBus provided more than 2.5 million rides this year through the end of June.

Larry Farr, a clerk at the University News Service, says he has been a bus rider for years.

“I’ve used public transportation all my life,” Farr says. “I use it now mainly because Purdue pays for it. I wonder why more people don’t use it.”

Farr says it takes him about 40 minutes to get to work, including walk time to the bus stop a block from his house and to ENAD from his drop-off spot on campus. And it takes him about 30 minutes to get home.

“I have driven in to work on occasion and after finding a spot to park and walking, it takes me about the same amount of time,” he says. “Riding the bus is just simpler, saves on gas and aggravation. And I usually read a book both ways.”

Deborah Klinger, a secretary in foods and nutrition, began riding the bus this year when service was extended to near her home. She had never ridden a bus before but after giving it a try, she’s convinced it’s a great way to travel.

“I live off 350 South in Lafayette and was thrilled when I learned that they were going to extend the routes to our location,” Klinger says. “I started riding in January when the route opened and have ridden every day I can since.

“It is just wonderful to be ‘chauffeured’ from the Wal-Mart Plaza on 350 South to right in front of my building. The drivers are friendly and very helpful, it saves me in gas money, I don’t have to experience the stress of driving in bad weather, I don’t have to find parking, and I have made friends with a whole new group of people who work here at Purdue and in the West Lafayette area. It has been nothing but a positive experience.”

According to CityBus figures for 2007, faculty and staff ridership averaged more than 11,600 rides per month with a high of 12,282 rides in October.

Metzinger says CityBus drivers are noticing more faculty, staff and students taking the bus this year.

“With gas prices the way they are, we want to make sure faculty and staff know that they only need to show their Purdue ID to ride the bus for free,” he says.

Those who would like to learn more about CityBus routes or need assistance finding the right route can call 742-RIDE or visit The Web site lists all CityBus routes and bus stops and also has a feature in which you can type in your bus stop and find out how long it will be until the bus arrives.

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