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iPhone software connects with Exchange servers

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — The new iPhone 2.0 software that Apple released July 11 will enable Purdue faculty and staff iPhone devices to have connectivity to the Exchange servers.

Purdue faculty and staff can now connect to Purdue Exchange servers with their iPhone 3Gs.

Purdue faculty and staff can now connect to Purdue Exchange servers with their iPhone 3Gs.

Purdue Exchange administrators and the Office of Information Technology at Purdue’s Desktop Computing Services have been beta testing calendaring, Exchange integration, and other capabilities of the version 2.0 software. Version 2.0 software enables both the first model of the iPhone and the iPhone 3G to work with enterprise resources on campus. iPhone 2.0 software connects reliably to Purdue’s wireless network upgrade, PAL 2.0, and uses the Cisco VPN client.

Once version 2.0 software is installed and properly configured on an iPhone, there is some specific information needed to successfully connect to the Exchange server. In addition to providing manual configurations for PAL 2.0 and Exchange, Desktop Computing Services will provide some automatic iPhone configurations for PAL 2.0, the Cisco VPN, and Exchange. Details are linked from the Desktop Computing Services Web page: Desktop Computing Services also will provide support and troubleshooting for any devices covered by a service agreement.

Users of the new iPhone 3G will be able to download and connect to the Internet at a faster rate than with previous models.

“3G service is currently not available from AT&T in the Lafayette area, so the faster cellular data connection speed will really not be seen immediately,” says Scott Ksander, executive director for networks and security at ITaP. “However, AT&T has informed Purdue that the 3G service will be available in this area starting in September.”

The iPhone 3G works as a phone, as an audio player, and as a connection to the Internet and e-mail. Gary Rantz, director of Desktop Computing Services, says, “Some features of the iPhone 3G might not be reimbursed by Purdue, depending on the needs of departments.” Users can check with department administrators to find out whether text messaging or video streaming features are eligible expenses.

Purdue faculty and staff can get 20 percent off AT&T service plans for iPhone 3G devices. They can register for the discount on iPhone 3G wireless services when purchasing the device at AT&T retail stores. The iPhone 3G went on sale July 11. To find a local, authorized AT&T store, go to Details are provided at the ITaP Shopping Web page,

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