Public works projects to create disruptions of traffic, parking around Purdue

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — In addition to numerous ongoing streets and public works projects going on in and around Purdue University in West Lafayette, here are notes on a few expected to cause disruptions this week.

Sewer lining project. At the north end of Oval Drive (north of Memorial Mall), vehicle and pedestrian restrictions will be in place until at least Wednesday; a map is at Work continues also east of that area toward Heavilon Hall and Grant Street. Lane closures on University Street between First and Third streets, and on a small segment of Second Street, are expected to continue until Aug. 3.

The vehicle loop in front of Freehafer Hall will close at noon Friday and remain closed through the weekend for work on the high-voltage project.

Work on the Marsteller Street Garage will include positioning a lift at each stairwell. This will not block the alley behind Pao Hall, but will block the alley between the garage and the St. Thomas Aquinas Center during some daytime hours through Wednesday.

White stripes will be painted Saturday on the following paved parking lots: all Freehafer lots, the lot south of South Campus Courts and the lot south of Lilly Hall. Avoiding parking there is preferable for the crew and advisable for vehicles.

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