Updates on traffic and parking disruptions

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Here is an updated list of traffic disruptions on and near the Purdue University West Lafayette campus.

In addition to numerous ongoing disruptions, several will begin this week or have just begun:

  • South Russell Drive is scheduled to close today through July 28 for reconstruction south of Harrison Street and north of the railroad tracks. The gravel parking lot along the east side of the closed portion of the street also will close. Access to campus buildings south of the tracks is from South River Road via Ahlers Road. Map: www.purdue.edu/physicalfacilities/travel/pdf/S.Russell_RR.pdf.
  • Stadium Avenue between David Ross Road and McCormick Road is scheduled to close today for bridge replacement, according to the tentative schedule of the Tippecanoe County Highway Department.
  • An extensive sewer-lining project is expected to affect traffic behind the Union Club Hotel near Grant Street today and tomorrow.
  • On University Street, lanes are closed until Aug. 3 from First to Third streets and on Second Street to just before the south entrance to the University Street Garage. This is also for the sewer lining project. Map: www.purdue.edu/physicalfacilities/travel/pdf/2_3_univ.pdf.
  • On Grant Street from North Street to Northwestern Avenue, the far left lane is expected to be closed from Wednesday through Saturday. This is also for the sewer lining project. Map: http://www.purdue.edu/physicalfacilities/travel/pdf/n_grant_northwestern.pdf .
  • The service drive north of the Engineering Administration Building is scheduled to close today for two weeks.
  • Grant Street access to the south entrance of the Grant Street Garage will be closed from 7 to 9 a.m. Wednesday. Access from State Street to that entrance, as well as to the Andrew Place (east) entrance will remain open.
  • Steven Beering Way will have only southbound traffic along the west side of the lot north of Ross-Ade Stadium for two weeks starting today due to a drainage project.
  • Phase II of campus sidewalk repair and rehabilitation will begin today and affect various areas north of State Street, including some parking spaces.

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