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Purdue officials conclude investigation into cheating allegations

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue University on Wednesday (Feb. 25) announced that 10 students face disciplinary action stemming from cheating allegations.

Steve Akers, the university’s executive associate dean of students, said an investigation was launched after university officials became aware that some students enrolled in a sophomore-level engineering class may have cheated on a test. There are 184 students in the class.

“Following a weeklong investigation, 10 students enrolled in the ECE 270 engineering course have been cited for academic dishonesty,” Akers said. “A letter has been sent to those students notifying them of the potential penalties, which will be consistent with the university’s code of conduct.”

Akers said that there are a variety of possible disciplinary measures the university could impose. The professor could give them a score of zero on the exam or a failing grade for the course. The Office of the Dean of Students also may impose sanctions, including probation, suspension or expulsion.

On Wednesday (Feb. 25) it was announced during the class that the investigation was concluded, he said.

“This incident has cast a cloud over hardworking students who are here to earn a Purdue degree with honesty and integrity,” Akers said. “Cheating is not tolerated and will be punished because to do anything less would be a disservice to all our students.”

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