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Purdue places fraternity, cooperative on probation

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue University officials on Monday (Feb. 14) announced that a fraternity and a cooperative housing unit have been placed on probation.

The Gamma Omicron Chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity will be on probation through fall semester 2011 for hazing and alcohol violations. Shoemaker Cooperative will be on probation through Nov. 1 for serving alcohol to minors. 

“Both the fraternity and cooperative members and officers were forthcoming in our investigation, but they must take the necessary steps to regain good standing with the university,” said Pablo Malavenda, associate dean of students.

A university investigation found that members of Alpha Tau Omega coordinated an activity in which new pledges took part in a scavenger hunt, and a dog statue was taken from the Purdue Fire Department. New members also were required to take part in cleaning projects, and alcohol was made available to minors.

As part of Alpha Tau Omega’s sanction, the Office of the Dean of Students will conduct a new member program review, and 70 percent of house members must participate in at least two community service projects each semester.

Alpha Tau Omega must petition the Office of the Dean of Students when the probationary period ends to be placed in good standing.

For Shoemaker Cooperative, the probation carries restrictions on serving alcohol at functions. The cooperative also must complete alcohol education programs.

A cooperative is a house in which 14-60 students live and work and share house responsibilities. Unlike fraternities and sororities, they do not have national affiliations.

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