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Purdue student hospitalized with non-infectious meningitis

Image of Bacterial Meningitis

According to the Centers for Disease Control, meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. People sometimes refer to it as spinal meningitis. Meningitis is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — A student from Purdue University is currently being treated for non-infectious meningitis in a Greater Lafayette hospital, according to Tippecanoe County Health Officer Michael Bohlin.

James Westman, director of the Purdue Student Health Center, said this form of meningitis is non-infectious and that people who may have come in contact with the ill student do not need to seek medical attention or antibiotics.

The student does not live in on-campus housing and is under a doctor’s care.

Meningitis is an infection that causes the inflammation of membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. Additional information about all forms of meningitis can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at

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