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Legal Aid Corporation of Tippecanoe County

212 North 5th Street
Lafayette, Indiana 47901-1404
Phone: 765.742.1068
Fax: 765.742.1069

Legal Aid is a private, not-for-profit United Way Agency providing legal assistance and representation to low income Tippecanoe County residents in the area of family law. Applicants must live in Tippecanoe County, and the problem must be in Tippecanoe County; further eligibility depends on gross household income and household size. Clients are responsible for court costs.

Assistance is provided in such areas as divorce, landlord/ tenant, juvenile/CHINS cases, mental commitments, guardianships, adoptions, small claims and consumer defense.

Cases not handled include criminal defense, bankruptcies or other Federal cases, matters that the Prosecutor’s IV-D office is responsible for (child support, paternity), and when applicants can obtain a private attorney.

Indiana Legal Services, Inc. – Lafayette

639 Columbia St., P.O. Box 1455
Lafayette, IN 47902-1455
Phone: (765) 423-5327 or (800) 382-7581


Indiana Supreme Court Self-Service Legal Center

The Self-Service Legal Center website provides valuable information, court forms, and various resources to people wishing to represent themselves in court. It should be noted, however, that self-representation should not be taken lightly, and that there are many instances in which retaining an attorney is highly advisable. In fact, the state suggests that even if you use the forms provided on this site that you still consult with an attorney prior to submitting them to a court.

The Self-Service Legal Center contains plenty of information to help you help yourself. You will find various court forms required by the courts and instructions on completing them; different ways to find an attorney to assist you with your case; an explanation of mediation and a list of certified mediators; suggestions on preparing for court; items that court staff can and cannot help you with; web-links to legal dictionaries and other legal materials; links to various courts in Indiana and the United States; and links to other self-service sites.

Indiana Civil Liberties Union

Greater Lafayette Chapter
P.O. Box 2706
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: 765.743.3338 or 765.463.6158
Hours: Anytime

Provides legal representation, information, referral, and education. Legal representation provided on a sliding fee scale for certain cases involving violation of civil liberties rights and freedoms of individuals by government agencies. Examples include violation of due process procedures, police brutality, freedom of speech, prison conditions, individual legal counsel voting rights and other instances where constitutional guarantees are denied.

Bankruptcy Assistance

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