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Welcome to Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana — cities recognized nationally as a top place to live and work. The Lafayette-West Lafayette area is a good place to raise a family, too. We offer excellent educational facilities, from top-notch public and private schools to a world-class university.

There are sprawling parks, museums and theaters, exciting sports action, great health facilites, many leisure activites and a quality that is most important of all — community spirit!

The Lafayette-West Lafayette area enjoys a rich and diverse cultural atmosphere – from world famous performing artists to basketball, Indiana’s passion.

Lafayette residents enjoy an excellent standard of living. This, coupled with low food prices, property taxes, and insurance costs, creates an upwardly mobile population.

General Information

Child Care Resources

Health and Well-Being Resources and Services

  • Hospitals and Medical Resources
    Greater Lafayette hospitals and trauma centers.
  • Counseling
    Information and links (where available) on counseling services available to the Greater Lafayette community.
  • Crisis Intervention
    Phone numbers, information, and links to websites (if available) to organizations that provide emergency counseling services to the Greater Lafayette community.

Religious Resources

Greater Lafayette Community Calendar

 August 2020