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Arni's Pizza | Lafayette Online
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American, Pizza, Deli/Sandwiches

Phone: Multiple phone numbers, see list.

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Arni’s has been a fixture on the Lafayette food scene for decades. Even after people move away, you’ll often hear them pining for Arni’s pizza or their special salad, the Arni’s Junior. Arni’s has five (5) Greater Lafayette locations.

Arni’s Market Square
2200 Elmwood Ave #A2, Lafayette, Indiana 47904
Phone: 765-447-1108
Arni’s Columbian Park
2323 Wallace Ave, Lafayette, Indiana 47904
Phone: 765-447-9436
Arni’s Shadeland
2523 St. Rd. 25 W, Lafayette, Indiana 47909
Phone: 765-477-6888
Arni’s Tippecanoe Court
2513 Maple Point Drive, Lafayette, Indiana 47905
Phone: 765-446-2200
Arni’s (350 South)
3111 Builder Drive, Lafayette, Indiana 47909
Phone: 765-807-0400

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31 Responses to “Arni’s”

  1. Gail Fulks says:

    Loved Arni’s when lived in Lafayette many years ago and looking forward to going there when visit there this summer. Wish had one here in AZ.

  2. Sandi Strobel says:

    I would like to order pepperoni large pizza shipped to South Carolina.

  3. heidi mayes says:

    Would love to find out how we can have pizza shipped to us here in Gulf Breeze,Florida

  4. Beta says:

    Best pizza ever.

  5. Amy says:

    $160 to ship a pizza from IN to Colorado. What a crock. You can get 3 pizzas from that place in Chicago for $50 shipped.

  6. Dale hatmaker says:

    I love arnies so much I’m willing to move from Tennessee..I once drove all the way up there just to get one.My in-laws wasn’t allowed to come to visit without one.Please move a little farther south

  7. tammy says:

    I wish there was an arnis in bloomington,In I grew up in lafayette,miss the pizza and salad so much

    • sally says:

      hell i wish there was an Arni’s in Fort myers, FL so i could have the best pizza yr around instead of having to wait for family to come down

  8. steve says:

    I ordered pizza’s yesterday and am having them for lunch today. Brings back many memmories. Even thou I am a Florida Gator, Arnis’ is the best.

    • sally says:

      if your in florida….how did u get them ordered and sent down cuz if thats an option im gonna be having arni’s

  9. David Benham says:

    Stopped by Arni’s on 350 last fall. Family ordered a couple of Pizzas. They were OK, nothing to write home about. Decor/ambiance was a bit below average at this location, set in a mini-mall, it had absolutely no character. Service was adequate, prices were fair. Place is about as average as you could get. Would not recommend.

  10. Larry Landon says:

    Where are all of your locations, Do you have any near Kansas city Mo. Do Plan any for this area.

  11. jerry morgan says:

    My wife and daughter went to the market square Arnie yesterday around 12 noon, the restaurant was filthy and they sat them in a spot that was small narrow and poor. My wife and daughter never get up and leave any time no matter what in the past. This time was an exception. they got up and left, can you believe that. They both love Arnies and always go to the Arnies in Monticello without issue (perfect) does corporate stores have a lower different standard? Is tere any manager? cant you see this? Hello????????

  12. Steven Wiley says:

    So today I called up one of my favorite local pizza spots, Arni’s. I called a little before they actually opened and asked when they opened. I was told that it wouldn’t be for about 15 minutes, but they could have my order ready at open time, to which I inquired about delivery. No, they don’t deliver, I was told, and in small talk told the gentleman on the phone that I had broke my foot and was trying to get something brought here, so I may have to call him back in a bit if I could get myself up there. To this he replied that he knew my pain and had just got off crutches himself, and offered to bring the pizza to my house, so long as I could wait a few minutes. Sure, I said, and sure enough it came, quicker than Domino’s or Papa John’s for sure. From the eyes of running a mom and pop’s pizza shop myself previously, I was completely thrilled and excited to see a business go above and beyond the call of duty of customer service, especially in a time where service and excellence means so little to all the corporate giants. Thanks Arni’s. You made this hungry broken footed boy a happy man for lunch today and you know I will definitely be back!

    • kyle says:

      Arnis seems to be way over rated. The food is good, yes, but only when made right. This, sadly, is almost never the case. Dear old brad (and his lesser known brother Kurt) seem to have no idea what they’re doing. From my observations, it seems that the employees not only dislike the Cohen brothers, but actually fear them. from the looks of things, the Apple has fallen far from the tree, and “cohen bros. incorporated” runs solely on greed and the tears of its employees. somebody please return this place to its former glory before its too late.

  13. Marcus says:

    I worked at the market square store in the early 90’s and had more than my share of Arni’s pizza. I joined the navy and hadn’t been home in 17 years until this week. I made it a point to make Arni’s our first meal. When I walked in the door I was amazed to see Old Stoney, still working the counter. Arni’s isn’t just pizza, it isn’t trendy, it’s like coming home. Dam I love that place.

  14. sharon says:

    I now live in Georgia and Arni’s is always a stop when I am back in town.

  15. Carrie B. says:

    I was born in Layfayette, IN in 76. I moved to Houston, TX in 1980. Arni’s has always been a key reminder of Layfayette for me. I would go visit family every Christmas and some summer’s when I was younger. I am now 33 and I have not been back for about 13 years. I am currently working in Ohio for a little while and I am soooo looking forward to visit Arni’s, I mean my family. My husband and I are going there for the 4th of July weekend. He has never been but I have talked about Arni’s so many times he is sick of hearing about it. He will understand once he tries it. I have alot of fond memories of my hometown and Arni’s is in the top five (if not top 2). I have only been to the Market Square location. I believe that is the original spot. When I would visit we would always go with my grandparents, aunts and uncles. My grandparents are no longer living and this will be my first time there with out them. It does make me excited to know that Arni’s has not changed and I have a place to still visit to remind me of the early years. I will see you soon Arni’s.

  16. C says:

    To Mr Naugle and others…take this for what it is…I am originally from Laf. and go back occasionally. Our family ALWAYS eat at Arni’s when we’re there, but not at the Columbian Park location. We’ve have never really been happy with that one. We always eat at the original Laf. location in Mkt Square (usually in the Toy room to make my Mom and my kids happy :) ) and have always had great food and service there. We’ve also been to the newer one out on 350 South with pretty good luck, too. Don’t give up on the institution that is Arni’s!! They’re still great!!

  17. Wesley says:

    My wife is from IN and she introduced me to Arni’s pizza and we both love it. I’m from IL near St. Louis and we both live here now. I was wanting to know if Arni’s would send a pizza here and how much it would cost. Thank you so much.

  18. Warren Smith says:

    My wife and I always make a point to have a meal at Arni’s when in Lafayette when down from Michigan. We bring an Arni foam box and get 12-18 half baked and frozen pizzas to bring home with us. They are always a special treat we enjoy between visits. We find that the flavor and quality has not changed since they opened and feel fortunate to still be able to enjoy this treat of our youth. I must say that a breaded pork tenderloin from the Pub Bar and of course a Frozen Custard in the summer are also places on our have to do list. I only wish Pop’s Root Beer stand was still open.

  19. Heather Prough says:

    This is to Mr. Naugle’s comment, I agree. Arni’s Pizza is no good anymore. Pizza King is way better! We never eat Arni’s anymore.

  20. Carolyn Lanham says:

    Do you send pizzas to other states?


  22. Roy Naugle says:

    This should be taken in context.
    To try to make it short, we have been Fans of Arnies for years. We moved to Dallas 35 years ago, but visit our daughter, Kathie Young, frequently. Among others items on our agenda, we always have a pizza night ordering from the Columbian Park location. The pizzas have alwys been superb, and I dont remember ever a single complaint.
    On Janury 18, Kathie called in the usual order, we picked it up, and after eating the only analogy I can think of is the Kings Clothes. No one said anything until I made a comment, then all said something like they couldnt believe they were eating Arnies Pizza. The requested ingrediants were so lightly sprinkled, and signature red sauce was so sparce that we wondered if an unsupervised newcomer had prepared the meal.
    We will order Arnies again when we visit, and hopefully the Columbian Park Cooks will remember to fix more than crust with dilutted toppings. Thank you. Roy Naugle

  23. SHEILA YOST says:

    Hi I lived in lafayette in. for 58 years. I moved to Tx. 6 years ago and miss arni’s so much. Do you ship out of state. and how much would it be for a large sau & pepperroni pizza. I have not found any other pizza like arnis. My dad work for Mr. cohen at Sarge Biltz for many years as the head chef their his name was Bill Booher.
    thanks very much Sheila Booher Yost.

  24. Mary Warbritton says:

    My sister lives in Phoenix, AZ and LOVES Arni’s. When she comes to visit, she always takes stroms and subs back to AZ with her. I was thinking about sending her some food for Christimas. Can you let me know if you provide shipping and what the cost would be for, let’s say 3 stroms to be shipped to her?

    Best Regards,
    Mary Warbritton

  25. Schnepp says:

    I would like make a complaint about one of the Arnis location. My husband and I have visited the Monticello location a few times and every time we order our food to go and they always mess up the order. My husband has order a jr. salad with no radishes and they always have at least one in there. My husband has order sandwishes and they have been messy because there is to much sauce on it. I know that we’re all human and make mistakes but it should be every time we order. I went Fri. Sept. 20 and order half pepperoni and half deluxe and got 3/4 deluxe and 1/4 pepperoni which wasn’t even that much because the deluxe toppings were on my side and I could only eat 3 pieces out of a large 1/2 and 1/2. I had a feeling that they would mess it up so I checked it before I left. A lady said she was sorry and offered to make a small. I hade to wait 10 min. and when I picked it up they made me a personal pizza not a small! I left and didn’t say anything because I figured there was no point. Luckly, we ordered breadsticks because my daughter and I wouldn’t been full with the personal and 3 pieces from the large. Even with the large my husband said that the toppings were clumped together and not evenly spread out. As a result we will NEVER eat at that location again. We only went there because we thought we would give them another chance and it closer to our house compared to Laf., but now if I want it right I am force to go to Laf. I hope this gets read by the owner Brad Cohen so he can get someone that has a clue to run the Monticello location because it is a sorry excuse for an Arnis. Even if Brad doesn’t read this the next time I go to the Market Squre location I will tell him personally. If you like to contact me my address is ********* [personal information edited by staff].


    Mrs. Schnepp

  26. HM Weaver says:

    This is to inform you that the last four times I have eaten at Arnie’s on Elmwood I was disappointed. No toppings on my deluxe pizza on the outer 2-3 inches. On one of the pizza’s I could count the onions, 3 pieces and only four mushrooms.

    I have lived in Lafayette all my life so I can not tell you how many times I have eaten Arnie’s pizza. I’m 59 years old.

    I do not want compensated. I just want you to know so you can improve the Arnie’s experience back to what it once was.

    On a lighter note. The service from your waitress’s was the same as always, beyond compare.

    Your Obedient Servant,

    Mike Weaver


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