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Arni’s Market Square


2200 Elmwood Ave #A2, Lafayette, Indiana 47904
Phone: 765-447-1108

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Rating: 3.1/5 (38 votes cast)
Cuisine: Pizza
Address: 2200 Elmwood Ave #A2, Lafayette, Indiana 47904
Phone: 765-447-1108
Parking? Plentiful and free.
Alcohol? Full bar.

Arni’s Market Square is a kid friendly location that offers carry-out and sit-down dining, and has a full bar. It is accessible via CityBus and offers ample off-street parking. A private room is available for parties and large groups.

8 Responses to “Arni’s Market Square”

  1. Jodi Phebus says:

    It says on this very page ” A private room is available for parties and large groups.” I just called. No such thing. There is, however, an “area” that can accommodate large groups. Bummer. Food is ALWAYS great! We usually do carry out and I can’t complain about the quick service for that :) LOVE Arni’s. You can’t really appreciate it until you move out of state and can’t get it…you crave it like crazy lol

  2. George says:

    pizza is bland and greasy. other food just no taste. it was clean and was good for kids. As long as you don’t expect much you will be happy.

  3. sally says:

    i live in florida. My mom was born in Indiana and she introduced her kids to Arni’s….all other pizza’s pale to Arni’s. Can Arni’s set up a area where i can order and it be delivered to me in the mail. i so want Arni’s pizza more then dominos or papa john’s.

  4. P.C. says:

    Arni’s was my favorite as a child and remains my favorite today, I dont live nearby anymore, but every trip ‘home’ I make it a special trip to Market Square and Arni’s. LOVE it LOVE it Love It!!!

  5. Terri says:

    Went home was.good.service was terrible kind what I have come to.expect from lafayette in we keep visits short.

  6. Neil Harris says:

    Awhile ago I was online in my email account and had an email from you asking that I vote for Arni being the best pizza destination in central Iniana. Currently I guess Arni’s is 3rd… this is through a vote conducted “, ALIST.”
    I tried to vote but was not allowed access because I was not part of any the “Social” networks…
    I’m a senior and a number of my friends are not part of any social network. Many of us are Arni fans… probably one of the reasons why you are 3rd at the moment. What a skewed vote!

  7. Jim says:

    There’s Arni’s, and then there’s all the rest.

    5 Stars +

  8. rachel says:

    Fast service and clean.


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