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Chumley's | Lafayette Online
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Lafayette Restaurants |


Sports Bar, American Pub

122 North 3rd Street, Lafayette, Indiana
Phone: 765-420-9372

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Rating: 2.3/5 (16 votes cast)
Cuisine: Sports Bar, American Pub
Address: 122 North 3rd Street, Lafayette, Indiana
Phone: 765-420-9372
Reservations: Not accepted.

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10 Responses to “Chumley’s”

  1. Uncle Dan says:

    I ate at Chumley’s once. My brother’s Purdue attending son said we had to eat at Chumley’s. It was his son’s favorite place to eat and have a beer. I didn’t let his son know their service was bad and their food even worse. I left most of the food on the plate. I told my nephew and his Purdue girl friend I couldn’t understand why they thought this place was so great. That was two years ago. I see by his more recent comments he’s had a change of heart. It sounds like this sports bar owner is determined to create his own perfect storm. Let me make a prediction. The Chumley time bomb will either end up in court in a class action filed by berated Purdue law students, or he is going to berate someone like himself and wished he hadn’t.

  2. Bruce says:

    OK food. Great place to get just about any brand of beer you’ve ever heard of. The only place I know of to get Grolsch.

  3. kevin says:

    beer selection was good, but the food and service leave much to be desired.
    The menu has the option for a 7” pizza. This sounded pretty good so I ordered a feta and sausage. When it arrived it was 5” and of ok quality. When I complained it was explained to me that the dough was frozen and there was nothing they could do.
    I then spoke to the Owner who told me that I should “pay for it or he would call the cops,” imagine my surprise when I searched online and found at least 3 other people the owner had threatened to “call the cops” on.
    The waitstaff was delightful as was the beer selection, but this does not make up for the rudeness of the manager or the crassness of the owner. Go elsewhere for your pint and you will be very thankful.

  4. Burke says:

    This is not the typical, “I had to much to drink and the owner kicked me out so now I hate the bar” kind of story. It wasn’t me that had to much to drink, it was my wife who had a girls night and then met up with some friends and me. She was by no means slammed but it is this guys bar and if he says we have to leave, so be it. I am a reasonable person.
    Problem is how he handled it. I noticed him talking to my wife who had dropped a drink. I was a few feet away and wanted to know what was up. I walk over and say “Hey, is there a problem? I know she…” Just then he bursts in and says, “Dont HEY me!” I honestly had no idea what his name was so I apologized for upsetting him, tried to explain that I was this woman’s husband and was simply trying to understand the situation. He tells me she has to leave and starts giving me the riot act.
    I can respect the owner of a business and his wishes. Had he just asked us to leave, it would have been fine like I said before. The real problem is that we WERE regulars. We would go in all the time and new the wait staff and bartenders well. I can remember even talking with the owner a couple of times. Never deep and friendly conversation but enough that I know he recognized me and had some indication that I was all in all a pretty nice guy. I wanted nothing more than to let him know he has the right to ask us to leave and that we will leave. To let him know that we were sorry for the spilled drink and we look forward to coming back some time when there had been a few less drinks consumed. When I opened my mouth to try and explain this, he told me he was calling the cops. So, I started to gather up all my friends and began to make our way out. In gathering my friends I told them that this guy was a complete jerk and that we were going to spend our money elsewhere. He looked at me with such hatred and told me I had to leave right away. Yes I made a little fuss on my way out which was probably wrong but he had me good and mad over a situation that could have gone sooooo differently.
    That is our story and I hope it helps some people. I would normally just let it go and never go back but I have seen so many bad reviews about this guy that I want to add my own story in the hopes that people will see it as not just one random night but a pattern of rude treatment by this man. DO NOT GO TO CHUMLEY’S!!!!! The hassle is not worth the beer.

  5. Kris says:

    Myself and a group of 5 to 7 friends have been regulars at Chumley’s for over a year.. going once to twice a week. The beer selection is legendary and the food varied and good.

    That said I will probably never go back due to the service and the attitude of the owner Dan.

    Last Saturday we came in as usual at 5:30 pm. We sat at our normal table. For some reason for the first time ever the TV nearest us was turned up unusually loud. It was hard to hear everyone at the table. We asked our waitress to please turn the TV down. 10 minutes later we still couldn’t hear each other speaking comfortably. I asked if she could turn the one TV down a little bit more. The next thing I know they guy comes out and asks if I know this is a sports bar. I ask what that has to do with anything and could he please turn down this one TV. He responds that other folks have to hear it too. We are the ONLY ones in the non smoking section. I point this fact out and he says well it is going to be full since this is the playoffs and condescendingly points to the colts decorations. The big game was not going to start for over 2 hours. This section has never been that loud and it isn’t an unreasonable request. He says well if you don’t like the atmosphere here you can just get out. I ask for his name and that is when I am informed that he is “Dan the owner”.

    Well Dan… I guess you don’t like regular customers who have never before had a complaint and who as a group spend over 5K a year in your establishment.

  6. Beth says:

    Loved the atmosphere! The beer and food was excellent. Met some wonderful people. We were amazed of the wide selection of beer on top. Great place to bring friends to watch the ballgames. Thanks for a wonderful experience while in town.

  7. drew tribble says:

    Chumley’s is amazing. First of all, the menus are kept at every table. The servers don’t have them out to anyone, so this story already sounds a little fishy. I’ve never had a bad experience and I frequent the establishment often (I live a few blocks away). I just moved to town a few weeks ago and Chumley’s is my favorite place. I’m a pretty big critic when it comes to bars and restaurants. Always great service, and everything I’ve tasted on the menu is awesome.

    • drew tribble says:

      Sorry everyone, but I’d like to retract my positive statement above. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences since I made that post…..As far as the owner goes….completely unprofessional, rude, arrogant, WRONG, just wrong….he is the black hole of this place. without him there would be nothing to complain about, other than a bad server from time to time. There wouldn’t be a ticking time bomb wandering around looking for his next victim. The guys a creep, it’s that simple.

  8. Kevin says:

    Thank God for Chumley’s. I get sick and tired of being packed into a bar with two beer choices. The bar is relaxed and warm feeling. It is exactly what you want after a hard day or just to have a few good drinks with your friends. Granted it can get expensive but what would expect for this type of selection both nationally and locally. This is a great place during the week when you just want a great pint or to try something exotic. As long as you have an open mind and don’t get offended when you order something you don’t like. Try to appreciate the style of beer. I prefer to do a little research before I go or after I get home to develop an appreciation for all types of beer.

  9. Rob says:

    I have never had a pleasant experience at Chumley’s, which has come from their service staff. My first experience, I asked for a beer which I must say was promptly served but in a glass that was chipped all around the edge. When I told the bar tender of the situation she proceeded to roll her eyes at me grabbed another pint glass and poured the beer from the chipped class to the one she just grabbed. I refused to drink the beer because how am I know if glass shards are not floating around in my frosty tasty beer. The second time, I came in and met a friend for dinner. When I stopped my server to ask for a menu (which she did not offer to me) she seemed put out and angry that I would do so. She then tossed the menu on the table and walked away. When she came back I told her that I didn’t appreciate the ways she tossed the menu on the table and that I was offended, from that point I was ignored the remainder of the evening. Apparently I have not learned my lesson because I have gone back a few more times, but have continued to be disappointed. I don’t understand why people go back…is it because of the atmosphere? i don’t know….because I know there are other bars in this town where you can get better service. I know what it is. The beer selection! Good Job Chumley’s with you beer selection. Bad Job on hiring service!


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