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La Scala Italian Restaurant & Cafe

Italian, Catering

312 Main Street, Lafayette, IN 47903
Phone: 765-420-8171 (Make a reservation)

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Cuisine: Italian, Catering
Address: 312 Main Street, Lafayette, IN 47903
Phone: 765-420-8171 (Make a reservation)
Reservations: Accepted.
Alcohol? Full Bar
Smoking? No.
Lunch Hours: Mon-Fri: 11:00a – 2:00p
Dinner Hours: Mon-Thu: 5:00p – 9:00p, Fri-Sat: 5:00p – 9:30p, Sun: Closed

12 Responses to “La Scala Italian Restaurant & Cafe”

  1. Kim says:

    We had a very relaxed and enjoyable evening here Friday night. Our waiter was polite and attentive, and the food was excellent. We were a few minutes late, due to a longer than expected medical test. They never said a word to us about it. We will definitely be back (and on time!).

  2. terrible says:

    First of all we had reservations and waited a half hour past the time we had reserved. The waitor took 10 minutes to greet our table. He got our order wrong and never brought out the appetizers. He cursed at the table several times saying “G– D— it i forgot your salad” and “the kitchen keeps messing s— up” He then messed up the dinner order. When we finally had enough, we grabbed a manager and he shrugged it off saying hell take care of us next time we come in. Believe me, there wont be a next time!

  3. susan s says:

    Love the place! Not a chain, great food, ambiance, easy parking downtown in the evening for dinner. BRAVO!

  4. Maddy says:

    Lovely place! Love the food!

  5. wo. . says:

    In response to Never Again. . .
    Do you usually go into a restaurant where there is not a sign or someone to great you? You are a ridiculous. A restaurant does not need to have two locations. . . thus needing more people. . . to great you when you enter! Maybe next time you will think before you act. You’re going out to eat. Sometimes the patio isn’t even available to eat at.
    Your post here is reminiscent of many of the over privileged people in this world who think things always work how they want it to work, when they want it to work. . . take your business to McDonalds.

  6. Paul says:

    La Scala is solid. If you are looking for an alternative to the chain restaraunts you can’t really go wrong here.

  7. Never again says:

    Never again. We decided to eat at La Scala over the many restaurants available to eat at downtown for lunch. The (dirty) patio was open so we went in and sat down. We were greeted by some guy who welcomed us by saying “just for future reference you need to enter through the front door and be seated” Then went on about how they did HAPPEN to see us sit down but if they were busy they would not have noticed us. I told him that they should post a “wait to be seated sign” as you enter the patio. The guy never said welcome to La Scala, can I get you something to drink? How are you today? Just reprimanded us for sitting down to purchase a meal. I was very ready to leave. My friend said let’s stay. Never again. There are plenty of very nice, welcoming clean places to eat lunch downtown.

    By the way, the patio needs lots of work. It is not cozy to sit there. It looks like they just open the gate after winter and waited for people to be seated after they enter through the front door.
    I will never go back.

  8. ashley lane says:

    We will never go to La Scala again. There were wires hanging down along the walls and none of the chairs matched. The food was really expensive as well.

  9. Greg Rutledge says:

    Excellent place to eat. Nice atmosphere with good service We make special trip to Lafayette just to eat here.

  10. Mary Edwards says:

    We love this place and think it is the best Italian food in the state. We get special orders all the time for my husband who has some food allergies. They go out of their way to make his food like we need it. The menu is enormous and the food is awesome. I crave it, so we go often!

  11. Laura Bush says:

    My family and I have been to La Scala on several occasions. I first read about them in the Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, and was looking for a nice restaurant (nicer than all the chains on Route 26) to take our daughter, who is a student at Purdue.
    We fell in love with the place, and even found one of our favorite wines there. Now, it is an unspoken given that when we are in the area, that is where we go. Both thumbs up!

  12. Heidi Klein says:

    La Scala has a nice ambiance and service, but is not the place for vegetarians. Most (if not all) of their dishes without meat have meat broth in them which is not even written on the menu. They should have this written in dishes that otherwise seem vegetarian as this is not the norm in Italian cooking. They are unwilling to make something off the menu for a pure vegetarian, even with warning. I won’t go back.


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