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Lafayette Brewing Company

Sports Bar, American Pub, Microbrewery

622 Main Street, Lafayette, Indiana 47903
Phone: 765-742-2591

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Rating: 2.6/5 (18 votes cast)
Cuisine: Sports Bar, American Pub, Microbrewery
Address: 622 Main Street, Lafayette, Indiana 47903
Phone: 765-742-2591
Reservations: Not required.

Affectionately known by locals as just “the brew pub”, the Lafayette Brewing Company has a loyal following of beer aficionados. While this reviewer can’t speak to the beer quality (just vodka for me, thanks), the menu is much better than your average bar food. The Armenian Chicken is a personal fave. The Lafayette Brewing Company is on historic Main Street near the newly renovated Lafayette Theater and walking distance from the downtown Lafayette parking garage. Street parking is available on an “if you can find it, go for it” basis. There is a small lot across the street as well, but it fills quickly.

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  1. Berrgal says:

    The beer is hit and miss. Their brewers keep changing so there is a learning curve.

    • nicole says:

      The Lafayette Brewing Company has only had 3 brewers since they opened about 17 years ago which is a pretty good track record. Two of the former brewers now own their own breweries. Each beer follows a recipe, but just like any baked good no two batches will ever be exactly the same. If you are going to leave a comment make sure it is based on facts!!! AND: A good rule of thumb for any diner: if you can’t afford to leave a decent tip, then you can’t afford to go out to eat. Go to the grocery store and make your own dinner or hit up a McDonald’s drive-thru.

  2. Greg Deforest says:

    So-so food. Attentive service. Lots of room. Good place to bring kids. (i.e. it’s a tad noisy & no one will notice.)
    There was a very limited selection of brewed beers. (I’m a pilsner guy – nothing resembling one.) Had the Wheat beer, which was tasty, but too warm for my taste. I’d prefer it a tad colder.

    We asked for the Sirloin steak Med Rare (which can mean anything from warm, red center to pink) It showed up closer to Med Well, but was flavorful enough that it still tasted good. The parmesan red skin potatoes were the highlight of the meal-fantastic. The beans & carrots were obviously frozen – very watery when you bite into them.

    The pulled pork on a cornbread pancake was also very good, but it was not hot. (Perhaps it had been sitting there waiting while they overcooked the steak?) It came with peppered fries, which were good, but also not hot – just warm. And it was supposed to have cole slaw on it. We found 2 small pieces of cabbage mixed into the pork. Not sure what that was supposed to represent. It could have used a bit more beer-b-que sauce as well.

    Bottom line, next time we’re passing thru Lafayette, we’re going somewhere else.

  3. Craig says:

    Good beer good food, but avoid the fish & chips

  4. Becca says:

    I went here just his past weekend for my birthday with some friends and family. It was great. We were starving and thirsty after being at the football game and were served drinks right away. Upon bringing our food, the server accidently dropped my sister’s dish. Within ten minutes, they brought her a replacement!

  5. Margie says:

    We went here or our college daughter’s birthday. We are not picky eaters, but not one of us could eat more than a bite. The food was AWFUL! We pent $60 and did not touch anything. The food is greasy and the taste was consistently terrible.

  6. Donna says:

    I have visited the LBC on several occasions, found the food just so so, the fish and chips weren’t what I expected and the burger was quite rare. The atmosphere is nice but I wasn’t that impressed. I am told that the beer is quite good though.

  7. Beergeek says:

    LBC offers some of the finest craft brewed beers to be found anywhere – including the Pacific Northwest. They are brewed using only the finest malted barley and hops, and they don’t use ANY sugar in the brewing process (contrary to the speculation of earlier reviewers). The beers range in flavor and bitterness according to style – some are going to be bitter, others will be sweeter. Try the sampler set if you aren’t familiar with their products.

    The brewco is also the best place in Lafayette to catch great live music. Check out the fantastic local and national acts they bring to town!

  8. SteveG says:

    We’ve eaten here a few times.. The food is excellent, but the beer is better.. If you are looking for a nice night with an outstanding brew this is the place to go..


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