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Outback Steakhouse


3660 State Rd. 26 E, Lafayette, Indiana
Phone: 765.449.1790

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Rating: 2.8/5 (19 votes cast)
Cuisine: Steakhouse
Address: 3660 State Rd. 26 E, Lafayette, Indiana
Phone: 765.449.1790
Alcohol? Full Bar with Seating Area
Reservations: Not accepted.

3 Responses to “Outback Steakhouse”

  1. Ruth-Anne Holle says:

    I would give the Outback in Lafayette 5 stars out of 5…
    My husband and I and two of our best friends have a dinner date at the Outback about once a month. We usually order the same thing because it is sooooo good and always cooked to perfection. We order the filet, which is always cooked just the right temperature. My husband does not like spices on his so they always cook his on a part of the grill that has been wiped clean of spices. The chopped salad is wonderful and we also get an order of sauteed musrooms that is big enough for all of us to share. The service is wonderful and the staff is friendly and prompt. We’ve had several different wait people and they all have been very efficient and friendly. We will continue returning there often. We have had filets all over the country and right here at our Outback are the best we have had. We love the place!!!

  2. Donna says:

    My husband and I went there for a “date night”. We were told the wait would be 30-min, after over an hour we were seated. My husband ordered a mixed drink, with an extra shot. He couldn’t taste the xtra shot nor could I. We asked the waitress,she stated because the drink had sugar, the sugar was over powering the extra shot.Ordered our meals, ate the first loaf of bread, we were asked if we wanted a 2nd we said yes, after 10 minutes we had to ask a 2nd time. My husband got a salad, had to ask for more dressing, that too took 10 minutes. Our dinners were brought out, my chicken was burned and the bbq sauce that came with it was not on my plate. When I asked the waitress, she stated since I had a “SEAFOOD” allergy that they didn’t give me that. It has anchovies in it! Apparently because it’s lives in the water she assumed that it must also be seafood. Over cooked chicken with nothing to dip it in! We asked for the manager, that too took a while. He did have me a 2nd chicken made he brought out bbq sauce. When we got our bill there was a charge on there that we didn’t order nor did we get. When I asked the waitress what it was, she told me it was my drink. I had WATER, I asked when did you start charging for tap water? She yells, when will this ever end. We left and did not talk to the manager, but called later after the busy time. All he could say to us “I promise it will be better next time”. Yea right, I’m going to go again!

  3. Herold says:

    My wife and i hadn’t been to Outback in quite a while, so we decided to give it a try last Tuesday night. We were taken right to our table as they weren’t terribly busy. We ordered an appetizer that i didn’t expect to see here, a Sushi style Tuna (which was excellent). My wife ordered a pasta dish w/ shrimp and i got a Ribeye, as recommended by our waiter. We were both very content with our entrees and looked at the dessert menu, but didn’t see anything we couldn’t live without. Everyone was very friendly, and the service was prompt and accurate. It wasn’t too expensive and we will be returning soon :)


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