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Red Seven Bar and Grill | Lafayette Online
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Lafayette Restaurants |

Red Seven Bar and Grill


225 N. 2nd St, Lafayette, IN 47901
Phone: 765.742.7337

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Rating: 3.1/5 (35 votes cast)
Cuisine: American
Address: 225 N. 2nd St, Lafayette, IN 47901
Phone: 765.742.7337
Alcohol? Full Bar
Smoking? No
Extras: Outdoor Seating

Red Seven Bar and Grill is located on the corner of 2nd and Main Streets in the heart of Downtown Lafayette, just across the street from the Big Four Depot on one side, and from the Chase Building on the other. It’s a block from the Tippecanoe County Courthouse and a convenient walk across the pedestrian bridge from Wabash Landing in West Lafayette.

Red Seven has a trendy, hip vibe thanks to the very New Yorkish decor, and during the more pleasant months there is plenty of outdoor seating for those who prefer to dine al fresco. Additionally, although Lafayette does not have the same stringent anti-smoking ordinances as West Lafayette, this restaurant is completely non-smoking.

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26 Responses to “Red Seven Bar and Grill”

  1. Madalina says:

    Love this place! I celebrated lots of birthdays parties, my bachelorette party, New Years Eves, etc…And love the way how stuff treats your, their food and drink offers. Yammm champagne with berries or flirtini are my favorites.

  2. Kels says:

    Do you have to be 21 to eat here? Do they allow children?

  3. steve says:

    What the proper attire for this resturant…we were going to try it but saw people inside with blazers and women in heels? We did feel dressed right so went somewhere else……What do you recommend from your menu for a light evening meal? Are your Margaritas any good?

  4. Angie says:

    BEST restaurant in Lafayette! Great food, Great service, GREAT RESTAURANT!!!

  5. Jeff says:

    Went there for dinner on a Monday night, and received absolutely top-notch service. The orange ginger chicken was crispy and the sauce was delicious; the veggies were cooked properly. Portion sizes were generous. Our waiter checked back frequently and arranged for several accomodations to our party’s menu. When he found out one of our party was celebrating a birthday, he offered a free dessert which we enjoyed.

    We will dine here again!

  6. Kat says:

    The decor was fabulous, not often found in Lafayette.
    It was a beautiful night to sit on the patio with friends. I ordered the crab rangoon I believe there were 5 on the plate for $10.00, and were cold in the middle and not worth the money at all. My friend ordered beef lettuce wraps- what a mess, she ate one and left it. No one was impressed, but more like “depressed” as we were all starving and ate only the fries. The waitress never came back to check to see if our food was ok. Didn’t refill waters, didn’t care that we didn’t want boxes to take the crap home in…we made our donation and we won’t be back. When are restaurants going to pay attention to full returned plates? Find staff that will work for the tips? I’m in the field myself and would never treat a guest like we were treated. I tip very well when I am taken care of…get a clue.

  7. Maddy says:

    Very nice place. I love the drinks and the fact that is NON SMOKING. I had a blast for my birthday there. Staff is very nice and friendly. My only COS: is their scheduale, I wish they were open later.

  8. Steve says:

    I recently took my wife to Red Seven for her birthday, at the recommendation of someone else. Since it was a special occasion, we didn’t worry too much about prices and ended up spending $80 (including tip). Since we had never been there before, we asked our server for advice and she provided such advice in a very friendly manner. The wine selection is great and I had the best White Zinfandel that I think I’ve ever had. The portions were large enough that both my wife and myself had leftovers and to top it off the establishment gave my wife a free slice of cake for her birthday. It came with a sparkler instead of a candle and gave both of us a good laugh. I would recommend Red Seven to anyone who is trying to decide where to eat.

  9. Sir charles says:

    BTW waaaaaay overpriced. Although a great looking place. Usually you get what you pay for, but not there

  10. Sir charles says:

    i must agree with the service and food. “frozen food section at marsh”-hilarious. They definately seem to favor some customers over others. Wonder what it would have been like if they knew I was a millionaire.

  11. Greg says:

    The place has an amazing decor and location, unfortunately the the food and service was on par with Denny’s. I seriously thought the appetizer came from the frozen food section at Marsh…

  12. D.Williams says:

    July 18, 2009 at 8:45 pm
    My first time being there & I thought
    the food was really good but some what over cooked.
    WE went down town lafayette to the Dancing in the street.
    Thank you

  13. Teasha says:

    I was recently in Red Seven for dinner and I loved the food, I also loved the atmosphere. In fact I loved the decor so much I asked them where they got their tile in the bathrooms. Im talking the black 6″x18″ tiles with a hint of a floral background. I was told they got them in Italy, if anyone knows where i can purchase this tile preferably online as I can’t ship off to Italy, it would be much appreciated. Thanks

  14. mike says:

    In response to Kerry’s rambling, who said the restaurant lost 2 potential regulars….I would say they were relieved of 2 pain in the you know where

    Are they that cheap they couldnt order 2 meals, come on Kerry

  15. David says:

    We hosted an international guest and wanted to go somewhere nice. Although we had not eaten at Red Seven, we chose it based on recommendations from this site. We were all very pleased. It turned out our guest did not eat red meat, and our server was very helpful in suggesting possible dishes. The food, drinks, service, and atmosphere were all nice, and portions and quality were very appropriate for the price. We will definitely return.

    Re: Kerry. You state that you were provided two plates, and that you are seemingly fully capable of splitting the stir fry yourself. So drop the freak-out routine. You seriously demanded to talk to the manager because you had to spend 10 seconds of your time splitting a stir fry? I hope you left an extra $2 as an extra plate fee. And you sure put the manager in his place for his “rambling” and “poor communication skills” with your “instant reply”. To turn your statement on you: DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER COURTESY?

  16. Kerry Daley says:

    Recently we asked to have our entree that we wanted to share to be separated in the kitchen. The waitress came out and said that the kitchen staff (and Red Seven for that matter) does not provide that service. So, she watched as I put stir fry onto two plates. At this point I was irritated. I asked to speak to the manager. He came over and basically said that absolutely NOT when it comes to separating entrees in the kitchen.

    He clearaly had very poor communication skills as he rambled as to the reasons why Red Seven CANNOT separate entrees– these included:

    The entree would appear to be small on the plate (duh — it’s a half portion) My instant reply was to use a smaller plate.

    He said it was hard for the kitchen staff to handle. Hmmm — do the kitchen staff pay the Red Seven electricity bill?

    When it is busy the kitchen staff would be overwhelmed — we were there on a slow Tuesday night.

    I suggested perhaps the server could come out with tongs and separate the entree – does anyone remember French service?


    Kitchen staff come and go — what Red Seven needs are “regulars” and they lost two.

  17. Rob says:

    I agree with most of the reviewers on this site about the refreshing atmosphere of the Red 7, I however do not agree with their comments on their food quality. Not to sound rude, but the food was quite bland and tasteless for such as “high class” establishment. The bar was quite inviting with the nice marble top and the surprisingly comfortable wire mesh seats, but the bar service was not the best that I have ever experienced. The bartenders lacked personality, which for a small city like lafayette does not cut it. I am always under the impression that fun, vibrant staff bring back customers, especially in a town where there is a bar on every other corner. Though prices were reasonable….I don’t foresee me making this a regular stop. I do commend the owners on the wonderful decor and fresh scenery that has been needed in lafayette for some time.

  18. Amber says:

    Dennis Miller, i saw your comment on Red Seven, i often go there and order that same merlot, its called Cellar #8 from California. Its one of my favorites also!!

  19. Dennis Miller says:

    We live in Kansas City but recently ate at your resturant and enjoyed the food and wine. The wine is why I am writing. We had your merlot (by the glass) and couldn’t remember the name of it. Is it possible to let me know the merlots you have on your menu. We visited the first weekend in august. Thank You

  20. Melissa says:

    Great restaurant! If you haven’t eaten here you are missing one of the best restaurants in Lafayette.

  21. Deborah and Jeffrey Dunker says:

    Wonderful experience. We came here for our anniversary dinner and we were more than pleased! Wonderful food and service. The lighting and atmosphere made it a very special night! Our server was attentive but not overwhelming. We will recommand Red Seven and come back! Very friendly and welcoming!

  22. Karen says:

    Stopped in here for a quick lunch on a Saturday afternoon and we were very impressed by this restaurant. The service and food were great. Enjoyed a cocktail also and checked out the menu for dinner. We will definately come back.

  23. Melanie says:

    This is a place that has a definitely different feel than any other place here in town. In fact, it’s more like something in New York or Chicago. I went with a friend and we were able to share a pizza and even had left-overs. The drinks were great and the prices were much less than you might expect to pay when in this type of more upscale bar and grill. Very great place, we’ll be going back!

  24. The atmosphere is fresh, upscale and inviting. High ceilings and generous spaces adorned by dark wood paneling provide a decadent backdrop for the art-inspired decor, a look that culminates into a modern yet warm environment. The lighting is subtle yet adequate after sunset, and two-and-a-half-story windows invite plenty of sunlight in, either naturally or softly filtered by sheer red curtains in the daytime. the outdoor seating area is also privy to R7’s exquisite view of the classic Lafayette skyline, as well as the newly renovated train station and pedestrian bridge.
    The staff are exceptionally kind and as such I enjoyed conscientious, personable service. One of Red Seven’s three dining areas encompasses the full bar, which features drink specials for each night of the week. (Wednesday was 80’s night, and I enjoyed a “Ghostbuster” cocktail).
    The fire-grilled chicken sandwich was delicious, and guests can opt for a side salad instead of french fries – at no additional charge. Prices seemed very reasonable for the portions given; my sandwich was $7.50 for a generously-sized chicken breast on a large, soft ciabatta roll with savory feta cheese spread, red peppers and olives.
    I will definitely be back to Red Seven with friends and family members.

  25. Danielle says:

    My husband & I tried Red Seven for our anniversary. We wanted something nicer than a chain like Applebee’s, but we’re slow to put our toes outside the box. However, it turned out great! My husband ordered the bourboun glazed pork chops and I got the almond crusted chicken and both were delicious. The total price for two meal and two drinks (both lemondade) was $36.00, but we ordered two of the median priced entrees. You could definitely go cheaper or even split a meal because the portions were very large. Both dinners came with a salad, rolls, and two sides. The meat portions were huge. My chicken was actually two breast servings and my husband’s pork chop was probably 12+ ounces. The atmosphere was nice-modern but warm. There’s also outside seating if you like that, but we ate inside. Our server was very attentative, but not annoyingly so. I would definitely recommend and will be going back as soon as I’m no longer pregnant for the Thursday night beer and pizza special.

  26. mitch says:

    This place sucks! Food Sucks service sucks. I cant believe they are still open. Which wont be long! I was sad when i got in the place is amazing but the food sucks along with the prices!


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