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Bars and Taverns

Does the “Bars and Taverns” page need a whole lot of explanation? I’m guessing no. West Lafayette is college town, and therefore, we have lots of bars. The east side of the Wabash isn’t exactly lacking in the tavern and brew pub department either. Whether you’re looking for a sports bar, an Irish pub, an English pub, or a former speakeasy, Greater Lafayette has you covered.


A & C Tavern

642 Main Street, Lafayette, IN; 765-742-5253

American Club Tavern

1319 N. 14th Street, Lafayette, IN; 765-742-9475

Applebee’s (Lafayette)

Tippecanoe Mall, Lafayette, IN; 765-448-1999

Applebee’s (West Lafayette)

3009 Northwestern Ave, West Lafayette, IN; 765-463-0308


Bea One Korean Cuisine & Bar

[ratings id=”852″ results=”true”]
220 Columbia Street (Downtown Lafayette), Lafayette, IN; 765-742-6100
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Ben Hur Tavern

1002 S. 4th Street, Lafayette, IN; 765-477-7147

Biltmore Tap Room

1202 S. 4th Street, Lafayette, IN; 765-474.5561

Brother’s Bar & Grill

306 W. State Street (Near Purdue Campus), West Lafayette, IN; 765-746-5700

Bruno’s Swiss Inn

212 Brown Street (Levee, Near Wabash Landing)
West Lafayette, IN; 765-743-1668

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar

2715 South Creasy Lane, Lafayette, IN; 765-477-9325


Checkerboard Tavern

1521 Kossuth Street, Lafayette, IN; 765-423-1776

Chili’s Restaurant

3980 State Road 26 East, Lafayette, IN; 765-449-8430

Chumley’s Bar and Grill

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122 North 3rd Street (Downtown Lafayette), Lafayette, IN; 765-420-9372
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(Harry’s) Chocolate Shop

**21 and Older, All the Time**
329 W. State St. (Near Purdue Campus), West Lafayette, IN; 765-743-1467

Clubhouse Bar & Grill

827 N. 6th Street, Lafayette, IN; 765-742-6584

Cox’s Pub

2401 Schuyler Ave, Lafayette, IN; 765-742-8727

Cozy Lounge

3312 South Street, Lafayette, IN; 765-447-4506


Don Pablo’s

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50 N. Creasy Lane, Lafayette, IN; 765-449-0511
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D.T. Kirby’s

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605 Main Street, Downtown Lafayette, IN 765-429-6666‎
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Eight West

515 South Street (Downtown Lafayette)
Inside the Holiday Inn Select – City Centre, Lafayette, IN; 765-423-1000


The Filling Station

2603 Greenbush Street, Lafayette, 765-447-1526


Grindstone Charley’s

3433 State Road 26 East, Lafayette, 765-449-8692



2327 Sagamore Pkwy S., Lafayette, 765-449-9464

Hour Time Restaurant

4343 State Road 26 East (Best Western Executive Inn)
Lafayette, 765-448-4669

Hunter’s Pub West

1092 Sagamore Pkwy W, West Lafayette, IN; 765-463-7785

Hunter’s Pub Down Under

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302 Ferry Street (Downtown Lafayette) Lafayette, IN; 765-429-8149
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Jake’s Roadhouse

Chauncey Hill Mall (Near Campus) West Lafayette, 765-743-5253


Knickerbockers Saloon

113 North 5th Street (Downtown Lafayette) Lafayette, 765-423-2234

Kokoro Japanese Cuisine

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526 Main Street (Downtown Lafayette) Lafayette, IN; 765-742-8180
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Lafayette Brewing Company

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622 Main Street (Downtown Lafayette) Lafayette, IN 47903; 765-742-2591
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Linnwood Tavern

1244 N. 14th, Lafayette, 765-742-8691

Logan’s Roadhouse

[ratings id=”875″ results=”true”]
3840 Road 26 East, Lafayette, IN; 765-446-1551
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Luxie’s Pub -N- Grub

[ratings id=”895″ results=”true”]
648 Main St. (Downtown Lafayette), Lafayette, IN; 765-742-2628
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McGraws Steak Chops & Fish House

[ratings id=”869″ results=”true”]
Closed Sunday and Monday
2707 S. River Rd., West Lafayette, IN; 765-743-3932
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Neon Cactus

360 Brown Street (Levee), West Lafayette, 765-743-6081


O’Bryan’s Nine Irish Brothers Pub

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119 Howard Avenue (On the Levee, Near Wabash Landing)
West Lafayette, IN 47906; 765-746-I-PUB
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2413 Sagamore Parkway S. (Tippecanoe Mall, outlot)
Lafayette, IN; 765-446-9466

Overtime Tavern

1802 Schuyler Avenue, Lafayette, 765-742-5209

The Other Pub

[ratings id=”870″ results=”true”]
3000 South 9th Street, Lafayette, IN; 765-474-9527
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Outback Steakhouse

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3660 State Road 26 East, Lafayette, IN; 765-449-1790
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Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant

2525 Sagamore Pkwy. S., Lafayette, IN; 765.448.1888


Red Seven Bar and Grill

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225 N. 2nd Street (Downtown Lafayette), Lafayette, IN; 765-742-7337
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Riehle Bros. Tavern and Athletic Club

2270 Concord Road, Lafayette, IN; 765-474-4499

Riverside Sports Bar and Music Center

402 Brown Street (behind Wabash Landing, on the Levee), West Lafayette, IN; 765-838-2654


Scotty’s Brewhouse

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352 East State St, West Lafayette, IN (Wabash Landing); 765-746-3131
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Sgt. Preston’s of the North

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6 North 2nd Street, Downtown Lafayette, IN; 765-742-7378
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TC’s Restaurant

109 North Railroad, Battle Ground, 765-567-2838

Texas Roadhouse

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3615 St. Rd. 38 (Tippecanoe Mall Outlot) Lafayette, IN; 765-446-0404
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The Trails

325 Burnett Rd, Lafayette, 765-742-6478 (catering & Sun. brunch)



West Point Steakhouse & Sports Bar

4941 Washington St., West Point, IN; 765-572-2000

Where Else?

**21 and Older, All the Time**
304 W. State Street (Near Purdue Campus)
West Lafayette, IN; 765-746-1122


Zoolegers Nightclub

(Formerly The Sportsman Bar)
644 Main Street Downtown Lafayette, IN; 765-742-6321

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