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O’Bryan’s Nine Irish Brothers

Irish Pub

119 Howard Avenue, West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: 765-746-I-PUB

Cuisine: Irish Pub
Address: 119 Howard Avenue, West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: 765-746-I-PUB

11 Responses to “O’Bryan’s Nine Irish Brothers”

  1. David Benham says:

    Visited the Lafayette location twice, enjoyed it tremendously both times. My wife ordered the Corned Beef and Cabbage, and I got the Bangers and Mash. Both were tremendous. I loved the gravy on their mashed potatoes. Portion sizes were enormous, we easily ate half the dinner portion and had more than enough for a take-home the next day. Service was excellent, wait staff was very attentive to our needs. Prices are very fair, especially considering the amount of food you get. Overall, the place had a ton of character and I felt really at ease bringing the kids there during the day. You’d probably want to leave the kids at home in the evening, although we saw some there around 6pm one night.

  2. Glen says:

    Overall I would rate my first and last experience with Nine Brothers mediocre at best.
    Reservations were made for 7 people- the seating they arranged for us consisted of three small tables in a row against a long booth wall. Three people sat in chairs on one side four people were expected to sit on the booth side. The two people in the middle got to straddle two sets of table legs while the two people on each end got to straddle one leg each. We didn’t even have time to look at the menu before the the waitress started hurrying us along asking us for drink and entrée orders. We had to slow her down because we wanted to order appetizers and engage in conversation first. The appetizers had not yet arrived when she started badgering us for our entrée orders. I ordered what I thought according to the menu was a 14 oz. sirloin done medium. What was delivered was a paper thin slice of dried out boot leather that never could have topped 6 oz. pre-cooked weight much less 14 oz. The waitress never showed up for the duration of the meal to ask if we needed anything or to refresh drinks except to drop off the bill after we looked as though we had finished. I ordered coffee when she showed up to drop off the bill which she left along with the change for the bill. She never came back to ask if I wanted a refill. Poor seating, lousy inattentive waitress that simply wanted to hurry up and slop us like a bunch of hogs and get us the hell out, food that was not only inedible but no where even close to what the menu said it was supposed to be. Overall I’d give it two thumbs DOWN!!!!

    • Tom says:

      I’d say give them another try. They’ve won local awards for food, drink, atmosphere and customer service. Being a business owner myself, I can tell you that A) sometimes bad employees can muck things up and B) I guarantee the manager or owners would have loved to have gotten your feedback.

  3. emily says:

    For Lafayette/West Lafayette, this is one of the top three restaurants. I love the food and the staff is fun/good service. I ran into the manager on the way to the restroom and we ended up talking for about ten minutes about our kids, etc. Until then, I didn’t know they allowed kids. I’ve brought my girls in two times now. They love the shephards’s pie. I like the chicken salad, and my husband always gets either the prime rib or the fish. We saw a good band there before Christmas and the place was very fun. Everyone was having a good time.

  4. Maddy says:

    Fun place! Love their Trojan Horse and Miner’s Lung!
    Food is OK, my favorite is the Shepperd pie.

  5. mark says:

    Deborah, Try deep frying them. Cut potatoes around a 1/4 inch thick, Try 350 degrees. I make my own chips and potatoe skins and have seen this effect by frying, not certain if this is thier method. goodluck I like mine cut paper thin personally…

  6. Deborah says:

    Just wondering if you could tell us something. We were there eating with family not too long back and we ordered and appetizer and the potatoes were thin sliced, but were puffed on top (like there was air on top). We have tried to duplicate this. We know that there was sour cream on them, green onions or such on them (we think) and a seasoning of some sort. I know that you most likely will not give us the entire ingredients and how to make (as we cannot afford to eat out very much and we so much enjoyed them), if you could at least explain how get the sliced layers to puff. We have tried slicing and then boiling and then baking (no puff). We have tried just thin slicing and rubbing with a seasoning and an olive oil and bake (no puff). What is your trick. We oldsters truly appreciate a feed back if possible.

  7. PR says:

    Have been going there since it opened and have alsways been satisfied. Best fish & chips in townm as well as the best glass of Guiness. Good atmosphere, good music.

  8. Inna says:

    Very nice and cozy place. It is like going to Europe… Food is great, try fish and chips, its yammy. Good service and friendly atmosphere. I just like this place. On Saturday they have live musik and it feels like everybody there are just a big family.

  9. z says:

    Excellent food, great value and atmosphere.

  10. Nicole Hughes says:

    The Plowman’s Platter with the Guiness cheese is absolute must have as well as the Bangers and Mash. Everytime I go to Lafayette to visit the kids we go to Nine Irish. On Mother’s Day the kids bought me a t-shirt – very appropriate – I’ve Done Nine Irish Brothers! :)


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