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River Rock Grille **Closed**

Address: 360 Brown Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: 765.743.0696
Expect to Spend: $$

6 Responses to “River Rock Grille **Closed**”

  1. Suzanne says:

    No longer open :(

  2. Sue says:

    We ate at River Rock for the first time Friday night and will never go back. Ordered appetizer and had just begun eating when salads arrived. Salads were over the top with toppings – not much lettuce and not even half way through salad our entree arrived. My steak was barely warm. Orderd medium – middle was well done and edges were medium rare which means it was either frozen when put on grill or they microwaved it. Ridiculously over priced. Haven’t been to any restaraunt in Lafayette where they had market price on a filet mignon. Terrible experience which explains why on a Friday night the place was pretty much empty. Management needs to make major changes.

  3. toni says:

    I love this palce its super clean and friendly, The owner is local and the steaks are picked buy him. The french fries are very yummy as well! Lots of big t.v.s so it would be a great hang out to watch the game. I have been there more than a few times and have had a good experience each time

  4. J. says:

    We’ve eaten in almost every restaurant in town, but this was hands down the worst. Overpriced, lukewarm food, served eventually, and wasn’t what we ordered. Then they actually charged us for what we did order and didn’t get! Unforgivably bad….don’t bother with this one. And oh yes, no manager on duty on Saturday night, either.

  5. Mary says:

    The worst restaraunt we’ve eaten at in the West Lafayette/Lafayette area. The service and food were terrible. Our experience was so bad, it was comical. No manager on duty on a Friday night but our waiter did tell us he could “call the manager on the phone”. What a waste!!

  6. angela says:

    Any food that I have had on the three times we have been there to eat was really good. However, the service is very very slow every time we have eaten there. They are smiling but it takes a long time to get waited on and then to get your food.


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