About Lafayette Online and its Visitors

Lafayette Online was one of the very first city guides on the Internet — literally.
We’ve been online since July 4, 1995.

While new Greater Lafayette community information sites may come and go, Lafayette Online has been online since July of 1995 and we’ve maintained our position at the top of the search engine rankings. Lafayette Online is linked to by thousands of sites, including thousands of pages at Purdue and sites around the world that want to direct their visitors to information about Greater Lafayette, Indiana.

According to Quantcast, Lafayette Online has an audience that is:

  • Predominantly caucasian (87%)
  • Slightly more female (54%)
  • Appeals to a variety of age groups, skewing slightly in favor of the 18-34 demographic (28%).
  • Affluent (37% $60k-$100k, 31% $30k-$60k)
  • Highly educated (high index of college grads and post-graduates)

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